Thursday, February 03, 2011

Taking Breaks and Nutritarians

Weeks like this make me feel like such a slacker. I shouldn't feel like a slacker. I still get up and make the kids delicious nutritious green smoothies. I also help find lost mittens and remind them to brush their teeth. Sometimes I get the toddler's diaper changed before he starts to stink up the neighborhood, and quite often I get the boys dressed before 9AM.

I usually make the kids lunch and have an after-school snack available for them to find. I tend to throw away garbage, sweep the floor, and tidy up the dishes (not necessarily doing them --that's #1's job!). I help with homework questions, listen to #3 read, supervise piano lessons, and sometimes even help with a book report or project.

I tend to make dinner every night (unless I don't) and make sure the kids do their dishes chores. I'm pretty good about convincing the kids to get into their pajamas and brush their teeth (again). We even say prayers every morning and night as a family.

So, when I see myself getting into a funkiness that doesn't include the "extras" (and by "extras" I mean grocery shopping, laundry, organizing, bill paying, house improving, etc.), I need to remind myself that sometimes they are just that: EXTRAS.

Being a mom is tough work. Yeah, so I sat around, unshowered, reading books for nearly 3 hours yesterday. So what? Can't a girl take a break? I still did all the other stuff I wrote about. Everyone was clean, healthy, safe, and fed. I even babysat a neighbor's children for four hours.

So, I'm applauding myself this week for at least: A. Recognizing I could/should do more and B. Letting myself have a break. I could say "giving" myself a break, but it's more apathetic than that. Or exhaustive, I guess. Whatevs.

I know what I am!!
Thanks to Flip Flop Mama who led me to this blog. I am... drum roll.... a Nutritarian!!


Here's the description from the blog:
Welcome to our recipe box. We are nutritarian. This means that we eat foods with high nutritional value. We eat leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains and little to no dairy or meat products.

Our diet is inspired by the books
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Eat to Live and Eat for Life by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. These books contain research about how eating nutrient-rich foods can prevent heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases and more.

Also when your body receives more nutrients from high nutrient food then it won't be as hungry seeking those nutrients. It's about giving your body the protection it needs to heal itself and function efficiently.
The funny part is now that I'm researching it, there are several Nutritarian websites. I'm now on a mission to find out where it comes from. Is it from Dr. Campbell? Or Dr. Fuhrman? I'll let you know when I find out.


Amanda D said...

I came across another blog you might be interested in. It's a good one:

Love this post - and your attitude and willingnes to give yourself a break. You're inspiring!

flip flop mama said...

Your'e welcome! :)

Elijah Lynn said...

Dr. Fuhrman is where it came from.