Friday, February 04, 2011

I Should Have Had a Kid in 2010, I Guess. In Israel!

Next week I am hosting two birthday parties. One small boy-themed one for #4 (he'll be four!) and another huge girl-themed "late-over" one for #2 (she'll be eight!). All supplies are already purchased. All cupcakes are ordered. Gifts are almost done.

We only let our children do "friend" parties every-other-year. It makes them more special. It makes my life better. However, it didn't occur to me until later that four of my five children will have friend parties on the same years. Only #3 has a birthday on a different year than the others. For example:
#1 was born in 2001
#2 was born in 2003
#3 was born in 2004
#4 was born in 2007
#5 was born in 2009

See what I mean? Thus the two parties next week. Because they were born almost exactly 4 years apart to the day. As if we had planned it or something. Ha! If we had planned it, that most definitely wouldn't have happened.

But poor #3. :( He doesn't get a friend party this year, even though all his siblings do (except #5. I seriously have stopped having big parties for my children when they can't even talk. Seriously, so lame. He can have one when he's four like #4. I used to throw ones every year for #1 and #2 and then I realized it wasn't that fun. Or cool. Or even relevant/important).

For those who aren't on Facebook, you should know that my hubby's company (APX Alarm) is no longer called APX Alarm. It is now called Vivint. And it is orange. And awesome. That is all.

If anyone feels as if their life is just the worst life ever, read The Silence of God by Gale Sears. Then read The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. Then read One Amazing Thing by that-author-whom-I-can't-recall-at-the-moment. I read them all this week and I'm telling you, it's good to be slapped in the face with a little perspective.

Right now I've started reading Start Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle as per my husband's request. Remember how he went to Israel for school? Remember why? No? Well, it's because he and his Wharton team, along with some Israeli graduate students, are working as consultants for a company in Israel. Honestly, this is 80% of the reason why I don't see him anymore. He went to Israel to pitch their ideas, and now, back in the States, they are implementing their ideas. It's taking a lot of work, but I'm so proud of him.

Wharton has been hard because it has taken away my husband for so many things. But the reality is that we're paying for the privilege for him to be taken away. This has been a dream come true for him, and even as I gripe and groan, I realize that he deserves this. He has worked really hard for a long time to get this.

I have no doubt that when we look back on these last two years, we will be full of gratitude for the opportunity we were given; we'll be glad we didn't pass it up.

Now, just remind me I typed this the next time I get all freaked out by his absences, okay? Okay.


Kim said...

That is sad for #3 can you just put him on the same rotation years as the others? That is amazing your hubby has had such amazing adventures! He is a lucky man to have such a great wife to support him!!!

Amanda D said...

Last year we started every other year parties too. They'll get them on even years as well. I now feel like I have to go all out this year since they didn't have parties last year though. I'm cheap when it comes to parties. My youngest just went to a party and they went to a jump place and I was looking on the website and to have a party there started at $200. Plus cake. And the pizza and the goody bags. It makes me wonder what other parents think when we have a party and it's in the back yard and we're playing pin the part on Mr. Potato Head. Oh, well.

Love reading good books that make me grateful for what I have. I would love to read The Silence of God (I've heard such good things about it!) but the library doesn't get many LDS books and I'm too cheap to spend $25 on a hardback. It's been popular though so maybe in a few years it will come out in paperback.

You will be grateful for the time and sacrifice it has been to get Brandon done with school. It will SO pay off. Keep it up! You're on the downhill.

Kimberly said...

You're such a nice mom! My kids (6 and 8) have only ever had one friend party...and I only plan on having maybe one or two more for them ever!

School seemed like an eternity for us, but now that we are three years done, it seems like that time was a blink of an is so worth it!

Alison Wonderland said...

I am opposed to being emotionally raped so I don't read Richard Paul Evans. (Or Nicholas Sparks.)

I hate doing birthday parties for my kids, I avoid them whenever possible.

That is all.

Cardalls said...

we do parties every other year as well. i never do parties until they can talk and appreciate it either...but this year we are celebrating the 1st year of Andrew! It has been quite a year and we all need a celebration!

flip flop mama said...

Good luck with the parties. I try not to do friend parties, but it always seems to happen. Plus even if we don't do a friend party there are 5 grandparents, plus aunts and uncles around and it always becomes a party.