Saturday, February 05, 2011


I am sick. The four oldest are at the BYU game with their father. Our youngest is asleep on the couch next to me. I'm watching TV and perusing the Internet.

Yesterday, I had everything planned. Today was going to be the day of laundry and cleaning. But it became very clear last night after my date with Brandon (Vivint party and True Grit) that I was going to be incapacitated today. It was a rough night --went to bed late and we had THREE children up in the night needing something. Brandon was the best and let me sleep this morning.

But, here I lay. I really hope I'll be better by the morning --I'm teaching Gospel Doctrine tomorrow! Speaking of which, I had a terrible, awful nightmare this week that I completely forgot to go and teach Sunday School. I dreamed I just skipped the class, forgetting I was supposed to teach. It was like those nightmares I always had/have when I'm accompanying the Ward Choir soon. I'm pretty sure it's related to nerves. Lots and lots of nerves.

Being philosophical and such, I wonder if I got sick just to show me a few things. Like, maybe it's good to let your schedule be derailed to realize that life is more than schedules? And maybe to show me --again-- how great my husband can be when faced with wife-y neediness. Also, I'm thinking I got sick because the toddler got sick and I'm always the one who catches it from him. I probably should stop kissing his cute face so much. Yeah, right.


Julie P said...

Feel better! Quickly!

flip flop mama said...

Feel better! Here's hoping you don't have bronchitis cuz that just knocks you down for days.