Monday, January 31, 2011


Monday morning pet peeve:
It's "LOSE," people. If you LOSE something, it's lost. You can't LOOSE something! It means it's LOOSE. Like a loose tooth. You can "LOOSEN" something. But you don't LOOSE it. *shudder
I hate that people mix these up. I mean, come on! I still see some of the smartest people I know mixing these two words up and I cringe, cringe, cringe every time I see it.

I'm joining a 100 Mile Fitness Challenge. I have to walk or run 100 miles between Feb. 1st and May 3rd. Since I'm preparing for my Walk Relay, I was very excited to sign up! If you'd like to do it, too, just send me an email and I'll get you the info.

My eating has NOT been going well. At all. I'm trying not to feel guilt. I'm trying not to think about how I'm not practicing what I preach. I'm trying not to think about the weight I'm not losing or the weight I've gained. It's hard, though. Very hard.

Books I'm reading/read:
Winning Mr. Wrong by Marie Higgins
Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divakaruni
The Walk by Richard Paul Evans
Ireland by Frank Delaney
The Silence of God by Gale Sears

I canceled the maid this morning. They come every Monday and I have to admit, it's too much. I think I'm going to go to every-other-week. It's just too much pressure to get everything ready on a Monday morning. Maybe I'll change days. I mean, you wouldn't think it would be hard or be stressful to have a maid come, right? But the reality is that if I want them to do a good job, I have to have everything picked up and put away so they can do their job. I love that they clean stuff I never get to (deep cleaning the bathroom, the dusting, etc.), but it's still stressful. And Monday mornings don't need to be more stressful.

Trips Planned:
San Francisco (in February and May)
Philadelphia (in May for Brandon's graduation)
Hawaii (in June for our graduation trip!)
Portland (in August for the Walk Relay)
Somewhere for Spring Break. Somewhere goooooood.


Julie said...

I hated when my housekeeper came on Mondays. Tuesday or Wednesday is my ideal. And I like every other. Well, I like every, too, but every other works great for me right now.

sariqd said...

ME TOO! Loose/lose. It's a loose pair of jeans. I need to lose weight to fit those jeans. (A bit of a contradiction, but there you go.)

Thanks for the list of books, my reading list has been rather meager!

Amanda D said...

I loved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. And I've heard good things about The Silence of God. Did you like it?

Don't beat yourself up about eating. Take it a day at a time, set some mini goals and do your best. That's all you can ask. You'll get there.

I've never had a housekeeper come but I'm with you - it wouldn't work on a Monday morning

evitafjord said...

Fun trips! We're in the process of picking/planning for our 15th anniversary trip in October.

I'm so anti-Monday stuff that I pay a tiny bit more for trash pickup just because they are the one company that offered Tuesday pickup in my area instead of Monday.

madhousewife said...

Monday would be the worst possible day for the housekeepers to come.

Try switching to a different day. I would like to have my housekeepers come every week because there's less time for the house to become a disaster area between visits. But I'm not ready to pay for that yet.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I always felt like the biggest loser complaining about the housekeeper coming, but it is STRESSFUL. Yes, they clean like magic, but only you can pick up everything and know where it goes and that has to be done before the housekeeper can clean. Sometimes I spent the whole session, just one room ahead of her picking everything up so she could vacuum, dust, etc. My husband would come home and say how much he loved her and I always kind of wanted to kick him in the teeth.

So, I guess I'm saying, I get it.

michelle said...

OK, so I'm all for you doing good stuff with eating good stuff, but if you use those goals to beat yourself up, I'm going to come over and bop you on the head.

Process, friend, not event. Journey, not destination. I'm realizing that more and more. I may never 'arrive' but at least I keep trying.

You rocketh.

SilverRain said...

Unless, of course,
you loose a horse.

Then you find
it has a mind,

and what you loosed
is lost.

(Sorry, I couldn't help it! ;) )

Desi said...

I'm interested in finding out more about your 100 mile challenge...I am doing a biggest loser competition right now and could use all the help I can get :-)

Cardalls said...

I am reading "Left to Tell" about the Rwandan holocaust. it is gripping and sad and amazing and life changing!

Cardalls said...

Oh and btw...SO jealous that you are going to Philadelphia...that is my mission and I so want to take my husband there! May in Philly=gorgeous!