Monday, February 28, 2011

My Current Lists

Books read/started to read/waiting on my table to read:
The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory
Sandition by Jane Austen (and Another Lady)
Ireland by Frank Delaney
Finding Fish: A Memoir by Antwone Quenton Fisher

Weekend Highlights (in no particular order):
1. Shopping until my feet ached.
2. Finding a fabulous pair of boots (tall, leather, heels) in a small boutique that were the perfect style, my exact size, and 50% off. Boo-yah!
3. Mani/pedi's with the girls: my fingernails are painted a deep maroonish red. So are the toenails. Which is big for me because I never paint my fingernails!
4. Greek food, Italian food, seafood, pastries, Indian food, hot chocolate from Starbucks.
5. Riding the trolley with Brandon in the pouring rain.
6. Three of the four days were blue skies and sunshine!
7. Being woken up at 2:30AM Saturday night (I guess that means Sunday morning) to what would eventually become a false fire alarm (but I didn't take any chances!) at The Palace (I blame the rowdy wedding; it was probably one of them!).
9. Hanging out at the Academy of Sciences with my hubby.
10. Going to the Legion of Honor to enjoy the new Pulp Fashion display --it was surreal and amazing! Seriously spectacular.
11. Making my regular browse through the San Francisco Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building.
12. Getting to sit in First class on the way there and sitting by a lady who wanted to also read her own book and not talk on the way back.
13. Bubble bath.
14. Reading a novel and watching a movie without any interruptions.
15. Seeing Brandon's classmates (and the wives who planned this weekend with me) and realizing how lucky I am to have met them all.
16. Getting to meet Brandon's four month old cousin (so cute!).
17. Finding the perfect gifts for my Love Story winners.
18. Meeting very interesting taxi drivers: Irish Catholic boxer who fought in Vietnam, Italian bigot who laughs at himself, Arab man with a beautiful accent, Of-the-Asian-persuasion (not sure what country) who laughs quietly at three silly women.
19. Hanging out with our friends and seeing their house in the city; loving her small yard with an amazing garden in the back.
20. Realizing how much I love San Francisco. Again. And still.

Things I want to do but need at least some permission from the spousal unit, so it may not happen until this summer:
*Switch all the rooms around --the older kids downstairs, the office/library upstairs.
*Ban the children from all television shows for a month, all movies (except for one each Friday night) for a month, and all video games for...ever.
*Build a better laundry shelf.
*De-junk the whole house. Haul it all to DI. Start over with the bare essentials we call stuff.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Awesome lists dude. :)

Julie said...

Good weekend!!
And I used to LOVE switching rooms around when I was a kid. I hate it now. I hope we never have to. :)