Friday, January 14, 2011

Lame Poem and Awesome Dreams

It's so cold, the icy air,
But winter doesn't give a care.

Where's the grass, the flowers, the trees?
This weather is making me weak in the knees.

Oh, Spring, Oh, Spring! Where are you?
This winter makes me feel like... really bad.

I'm reading 12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko and it is CHANGING MY LIFE.

I sent an email to my husband last night listing My Dreams. I also printed it off for myself. I'm going to list it here for you, dear reader, because it's pretty neutral and natural and normal for one to write down the goals/dreams because then supposedly they come true. After decades of hard work, of course.

My Dreams (in no particular order):

*To eat a completely raw diet (at least 95%) with the support of my hubby and children because I honestly believe it could cure my Depression and asthma symptoms.
*To give birth to our 6th child at home or in the birthing center at (NO! I'm not pregnant! Not even trying!! This is a future thing.)
*A really nice new house. One I don't have to fix. Big, but reasonable; with a walk-in closet and a large master bathroom and a laundry room off the big, beautiful kitchen and easy access to my square foot gardens in the backyard.
*A real piano; preferably a baby grand (of course).
*More family time out of doors with the kids (the whole family).
*To run some races; 5K, 10K, half-marathon...
*To write a novel. Complete it. Maybe even publish it!
*To write a book of poetry.
*To travel the world.
*To serve a mission with my husband.

Dear reader, what are your dreams?


Jill said...

I'm so with you on dream number 2. In my ideal world I would have a baby at a birthing center. I don't think it will happen, but it sure would make me happy.

Stephanie said...

I have a goal to have two completely potty trained children by next Christmas.

Also, ditto your last two.

Amanda D said...

I love your dream list. I started to make one of my own to post, but decided it's too long. Let's just say, I have a lot of dreams. :)

That would be awesome if eating raw could cure your depression and ashtma. I hope it works!

Courtney N said...

Love them! Love all your goals! I like it when people set reasonable goals : ) And if you want someone to travel the world with you, you know I'm always ready for an adventure!

Julie said...

Great dreams. It's good to write them out like that. Impressive.

My dream is to be nice to my kids on a regular basis. :)

Cardalls said...

Just please be careful if you do decide to do an at home birth. In our stake alone we have had a baby die and nearly a Mom due to complications with home births.

Angie said...

Wow...we have very similar dreams. Except for the home birth; novel and poem. Everything else is on my list as well!
You are so great with those smoothies! ;)

Anonymous said...

Giving birth at home makes my nightmare list, but to each her own.

What I love about your dreams is that they are all realistic. Very realistic. I hope they all come true.