Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Instead of talking about the cat poop I found in the dress-ups bin this morning...

I AM GOING TO HAVE A NIECE! My baby brother and his wife are expecting a girl! We are very excited because our children have exactly five cousins (first cousins). They are all boys. Hooray for a girl!

Now here's hoping my other SIL is also pregnant with a girl.... If she's not, we'll love her and the baby boy, anyway. (Of course! I mean, really. As if our love is contingent upon gender. Seriously, folks.)

Best post I've read about that Arizona shooting, even though technically, it's not about the shooting. Although it is. It's mostly about how the mental health care in this country has something to be desired and even though "guns don't kill people" and "people kill people", "we never know when a person is psychotic until he starts shooting people" --and why there is something "wrong with that." And as someone who deals with mental illness on a fairly irregular/regular basis, it struck a chord in me. Seriously, read the post. IT. IS. AWESOME.

Note to self: Don't take the young children to piano recitals. Leave them with a sitter. They don't care if their sisters are playing --their sisters don't care if the brothers watch. The twitch in my eye is still there.

Hobby Lobby is my new favorite store. I now have Valentine's Day decorations! And fake flowers to spruce up the dreary winter! Huzzah!

My fab SIL and BIL (Tamra and Jared) gave us another KIVA gift certificate for Christmas this year. Love it! Go lend some of your own money to help people. It rocks. Best part? The same $50 you donate gets used over and over and over and over and over...

My phone is finally fixed. If you've been trying to call me for nearly 24 hours, I apologize. Irony --nobody has probably been trying to call me. Ha!

So very, very, very, very happy The Biggest Loser Bob/Jillian group got immunity! Yay for them! Although I was very embarrassed for the whole group over that challenge. Yikes.

Skipped Costco this week and went to Sunflower Market and loaded up on greens. Lots of greens. Yummy greens! They really are delish. I think I'll make a salad tonight. Before I go to donate blood. Which I am doing. Donating blood, that is.

The maid came today. I don't like calling her that, so maybe I'll stick with house cleaner. Technically, it's her first day. She just cleaned the upstairs (as per my request) and I thought it would "okay" and "just fine" and I'll probably do it once a month.

She's totally going to come back next week.

I have been entering those RC Willey kitchen appliance contests. I haven't won yet --I probably won't, either. But what scares me even more is if I DO win. If I win, then I'll have to deal with the guilt that people are scrimping and saving to buy beat-up used appliances and I'm sittin' pretty with my brand-new ones I got for FREE.

I can deal with that guilt.


Julie said...

Piano recitals + kids = my worst nightmare and I'll never do it again. Ever.

Love my housekeeper and I could never go monthly...but twice monthly is working for me right now. My bathrooms don't get cleaned on the off week, but everything else is okay.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ooh, congrats on the new niece-to-be! My boys have 7 boy 1st cousins, and only 1 girl cousin...yes, she gets spoiled. :)

Absolutely LOVED Mad's post about mental illness and violence...go see my novel-length comment for evidence. ;)

Young children at recitals must be as disturbing as people who can't be disconnected from their cell phones during recitals...not to name names (MIL!!)

When I drive past Hobby Lobby, my boys scream "NO! Not that store! Everytime we go there you take forever!!!"

I totally want to do the KIVA thing for birthdays and stuff. I really like that idea. I just emailed myself the link so I won't forget.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt again! (And again!)

Thanks for the linky, btw.