Friday, January 14, 2011

Meals For This Fine Friday

Breakfast: Apple
Snack: Two slices of whole wheat bread with PB and honey
Lunch/Snack: Green Smoothie (water, one whole small lime, green kale, spinach, spring mix, collard greens, 2 gala apples, 6 small dates, handful ice)
Dinner: 3 large green chard leaves filled with slices of avocado, red/yellow/orange pepper, diced green onions, and sprinkled with lemon juice and raw sunflower seeds (not roasted). One coconut-almond date ball for dessert.


Emily & Co. said...

So are you eating totally different food than the rest of the family?

becca said...

that's great. is the weight coming off and how is jillian treating you?