Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Should Be Doing Laundry

I've decided I should stop planning things. Things never tend to work out, so why plan them?

Ah, who'm I kidding?? I'll ALWAYS plan things.

I hired a housecleaning service today. They will be starting soon. That is all.

I've been told by several babysitters that my children are really good at going to bed, doing their chores, and speaking politely. I don't know who they are talking about, because those children don't live here.

But seriously, I've decided that it's okay being the bad, mean, monster mom. Because I'm not bad, mean, or a monster all the time --only when I need to be. And the kids still seem to like me a lot, even though I'm "not fair!" and "so mean!" and "ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!" and "Whiiiiiine."

And it must be paying off, this badness, meanness, and monsterness. See the evidence? People actually like my kids. They think my kids are OKAY. Just fine. Dandy, even! Makes me gloriously happy, folks. Indeed, it does.

I'm with Amanda D --the right person won The Biggest Loser last night!

The piano teacher is here right now and #1 is having her lesson. #2 will go next, and #3 is sitting here in the computer room with me, silently reading his book. Good boy!

OH! Funny story:
So, my neighbor, Liz, who rocks the world, makes Harry Potter Wands. Not kidding. She started making them for her sons and some neighbor kids to go with Halloween costumes, but the requests started piling in, and she now has a full-fledged business! Her Etsy page is right here. Anyway, I've already ordered four wands for my four oldest kids. Of course, they don't know this because it's for Christmas.

Just the other day, #3 comes bursting in the door after school and says, "Mom! Did you know that ____ 's mom makes Harry Potter wands!? Did you!?"
"Yes, #3, I knew that."
"She could make us some! Can we ask her to make us some!?"
"Well, #3, she's super busy right now making a lot for other people, so we'll have to ask her to make us some after Christmas. Probably next month."
"Really? Aw, man."
He was so sad he couldn't get a Harry Potter wand right then and there!

How excited am I about the surprise?! Elated is a better word.


Cardalls said...

ahh that is good karma right there with the HP wands. I am totally looking into her etsy kids would so love one...someday for another holiday because this one is way done and overdone!

Amanda D said...

That is awesome on the HP wands. Hooray! I hope you get pictures of his reaction when he sees it.

I was thinking today that I would love if someone could come into my house and mop the floors once a week. That would be awesome and totally worth it. How often are you having someone come in? Are they doing specific stuff or whatever needs to be done?

Cheryl said...

I'm having them do the whole house for right now (they seriously do everything, except the things I say not to do, like the office, the laundry room, the dishes, etc.) and I may have them come every week, but will probably just do it twice a month.
But they could do less if I wanted them too. Come less, clean less, etc. It's totally up to you! Most cleaners are like this, whether they are individuals you hire or a company that sends someone.

Harry Potter wands:
You guys could do it for Halloween next year! :)