Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cancellations Are Blessings, Man

I took the boys to see our Elementary school's Fine Arts Concert this morning. The choir director had asked me to sub next Monday for a performance because their regular accompanist will be out of town. I said "fo' shizzle!" or something similar, and she asked me to watch the concert so I could see how she directs the pieces and how the regular accompanist accompanies them so I'll be all ready to go on Monday.
Thus the taking of the boys this morning.

We arrived, watched the guitar class (cute), the orchestra (really impressive for a bunch of 10-11 year olds!), and finally the choir. (The band was after that, and they were great, but not really part of the story, except that we saw them perform. That is all.)

Before the choir started, however, and just before the last piece by the orchestra, #4 informed me that he had to go potty.
Yes, now.
We raced out the door and down the hall (past the choir waiting in the hallway) and took care of business as quickly as possible because I had to see the choir perform! We couldn't miss them! I had to know what to do on Monday! Pee faster, #4, pee faster!

He peed faster.

We rushed back out into the hallway and the choir was still waiting for their turn. I relaxed a bit and went to talk to the accompanist. She had a look of surprise/guilt on her face and she blurted out, "Oh, Cheryl! I just found out this morning that I won't have to be out of town on Monday, so I'll be here for the performance. I'm so sorry! I would have called but it was just this morning..."

Eh. Figures.

We enjoyed the rest of the concert; I tried really hard not to think about all the things I could have been doing back at home instead of sitting at the concert where none of my children were participating, but relief flooded me when I saw the choir perform. Daaaang! They pick hard songs now-a-days! It's probably a good thing they don't need me.

When we got home, the accompanist (she happens to be in my ward) called me and apologized up and down and sideways and all over again and explained everything. I assured her it was seriously just fine. In fact, I'm relieved. I really am. I already have to help with #1's Christmas party at school that day, and so there's one less thing to worry about now. And I'm so impressed with her phone call --not that it surprised me. She's just awesome that way.

Now, what's the point of this story?
Just felt like sharing. Oh, wait! No, there was something...

Oh, yeah. So, last night I thought I had book club, and I was stressing (because I thought I might also go to the Fine Arts Performance, but then decided to do it this morning, and Brandon had a huge assignment due this morning, so he needed to study, and the kids had chores, and I had to deliver Visiting Teaching things, and, and, and...), until the woman hosting this month called to remind me that it's actually NEXT week.


So, that's two things that have been cancelled this week, and I'm kind of liking it. Isn't it funny how cancellations always take away burdens and stress? I mean, I would have done all those things and done them gladly, but it's always nice to have some things taken away where I don't actually have to be the person to say that "even though I told you I would do this and such, I really can't now, I'm totally backing out" because it happens TO me. You know.

Do you know?