Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Strangers have asked me, friends have asked me, and now my daughter has asked me! Is this a hint?!

I decided to heck with the Christmas budget this year and make my kids' dreams come true. Luckily, their dreams aren't too big. Bigger than the budget, yes, but not outlandish. Truth be told? I cannot wait until Christmas morning to see the looks on their faces. I'm giddy with anticipation!
How excited were you that Kat and Nat won The Amazing Race?!? I was THRILLED. Granted, I wouldn't have minded the other girls winning, nor did I dislike Thomas and his girl (I'm so bad with names, can't you tell?) --but, it was good to see the karma paying off. Plus, it's GIRLS! YES!
I'm going to be watching The Biggest Loser in about five minutes. Don't tell me about it.

Last week when I watched them run the marathon, I thought (for the entire two hours) about how much I really would like to run a marathon. Or half a one. Or maybe a 10K. 5K? Something. I haven't run in years, dear reader. But when I did it, I loved it. However, I realize that running, for me, right now, just doesn't make sense. Perhaps when Brandon is done with school there will be time for running. So, running is now a future goal. I want to run again!
Depressing episode today: My oldest child asked if I was pregnant. While looking at my stomach.


Granted, I was slouching. I'm a terrible, major sloucher. Plus, I have a very, very, very short torso. This makes for some pudgy-sticking-out-ness. I haven't lost any weight lately, but I haven't gained any, either. And the exercise thing, as I've said before, is pretty much non-existent. So, I know it's my fault. But, still! Ironic, however, was my reaction:

"Yeah, that sounds about right."


FoxyJ said...

My mom teaches elementary school and she is, um, mature. A few years ago a student gave her a lovely card that she had obviously spent a lot of time on. She said "Look Mrs. F--it's you and your husband and your new baby!". The poor little girl was very sad when my mom explained that she was not going to be having a baby. My mom tried to stand up straighter after that :)

FluffyChicky said...

I hear you on the short torso. I have the short legs to go with it too. Sigh.

My kids keep asking me if I am having twins or triplets. Um, NO! :)

Cardalls said...

I love the Biggest Loser! Inspires me for about a week and then I go back into my uninspired state.

Working out is so hard with a husband who is gone so much and small kiddos. I keep telling myself in 2 years it will be much easier...do what I can until then! I too want to run a 10K...not so sure about a 1/2 marathon thingy!

Yay on making your kids dreams come true! Christmas is magical!

Amanda D said...

I was very happy with the finale of The Biggest Loser. The person that I wanted to win won. :)

I've started running. I've decided that I want to run the walk that I have done the past couple of years. It's a 6.7 mile walk or run. It's tough, but that's my plan. I'm up to being able to run about 3/4 of a mile. (which I know isn't much, but it's farther than I think I've ever run.)

We are sticking with the budget and I'm kind of wishing I had taken your approach. My son has his heart set one something that he isn't getting and I think that's why I'm not really feeling Christmas-y. I'm dreading seeing him disappointed. I hope he wont be to sad!

Courtney N said...

It's genetics! I'm all legs and I carry all my weight in my butt and my tummy! It's such a pain! I think you look great though, especially with your new haircut : )

Michele said...

My husband was pretty excited to tell me about the women that won amazing race, because both work at the same hospital he works at (Mayo Clinic Hospital). :)

becca said...

Ha! love your response to your daughter. My husband has been sick for the last two days...strep...go homeopathic remedies, because when he told me this morning and I gave him plant antibiotics from my childhood nightmares (should I really smile when my husband tears up because it hurts so bad?) and everything else...guess what, no more white throat this evening. Cool. Point? In two days, the boy has lost 12 pounds. Blah! Me? Same thing a week ago? 3 measly pounds! Boys...no fair. Of course consuming over 3000 cals a day down to 600 cals could have that effect. Still. Blah!