Monday, June 07, 2010

No Apologies

I've had it!

That's it, Crazy children. I will not do it. I refuse! I refuse! I will not apologize.

I will not apologize for trying to feed you healthier food. I don't care if relatives make fun of me. I don't care if you think my mini-apple pies I made for breakfast this morning (from scratch, with fresh apples, rapadura, cinnamon, and oatmeal-vanilla yogurt topping) "smell funny." I don't care if you refuse to try anything and everything, even while your sister swears up and down that she loves it. I won't apologize.

I will not apologize for teaching you how to work. I don't care if people think we're too strict or too focused on "work" or tell me I'm unfair for making you do homework in the SUMMER. I don't care if you think wiping off a table is akin to torture. I don't care if you don't want to learn how to count money, weed the garden, crack eggs, play the piano, or write your last name. I won't apologize.

I will not apologize for teaching you about God. I don't care if you think family scripture study (all 6 verses, how WILL you survive?!) is boring. I don't care if you hate getting dressed up for Church. I don't care if you would rather skip over the FHE lesson about gratitude/tithing/honesty/the Restoration/The Atonement for the activity and treat. I will not apologize!

So, whine away! Complain and gripe and cry and moan. Get angry when you get grounded from video games and television and friends when you refuse to do chores. Hurt my feelings my saying my food "smells gross" or when you think I'm "mean" or that you "Hate. Me."

I won't apologize for being your mother. I won't apologize for doing the best I can. Not to you, not to anyone. The only person (besides your awesome dad) that I have to answer to is God. And He thinks I'm doin' just fine. Just ask Him.

P.S. Brandon came home safe and sound Saturday. Thank you for your comments on my previous depressing post. I really appreciate your support!


Brandon, the Husband said...

You are the meanest mom in the world.

Becky, I have 2 cats said...

Two things, recipe please :) and what is rapadura?

Cheryl said...

Man, I love you. That is all. :)

:) <3

This is the recipe:

And rapadura is raw sugar. I think the one the link above uses is supposed to be the best kind of natural sweetener there is, but I haven't found it in the stores, yet. I love my rapadura, though!

Cheryl said...

Oh, and Becky, the vanilla yogurt was just something I added after they were baked --kind of a substitute for whipped topping.

sunrabbit said...

Cheryl, you are Supermom. How did the pies turn out? I read the recipe and they look DELICIOUS.

Gio, Judi and Boys said... go girl!
Let you little ones know that we have "school" at our home during the summer and always have..when the kids get into high school i stopped with him, but not #2. you help make the mess?? Then you help clean the mess..
I'm impressed that you cooked pie things from scratch..i don't think I would do that, but you are a real woman!!
Never apologize for being a mom an loving your kids enough to want the best for them.....
have a great week....

Cardalls said...

Being called the meanest Mom is quite the compliment I believe! YOu keep it up girl..they will thank you when they are adults and are able to work hard, keep a job and have a testimony!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Anonymous said...

I'm totally intrigued by all those deleted comments.

Stephanie said...

Do you remember the time my mom called your mom to ask if you had to do any chores before you could play? I had told my mom that NONE of my friends EVER had to do ANY chores, and I thought she was mean. I was mortified then, but I think it's pretty funny now.

Rachel Holtkamp said...

Wait, you "make" your kids be responsible?!?!? You mean, they actually have to learn something?!?!? What kind of a mother would do that? I can't believe you. Really, I can't. I'm sure NONE of the other mothers could even fathom doing that to their kids. What kind of tortuous environment do you live in? (You DO know I'm totally being sarcastic). I think it's awesome that you have a schedule for your kids in the summer, and that they have to continue to learn. From a teacher's view, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!!!

P.S. I'm also intrigued by the deleted comments.

Annette Lyon said...

I think is pretty much every mother's mantra at some point.

I still have hopes it'll get better. And then I wake up. :)

Red Door Girl said...

Never apologize for being an AMAZING are doing so much better than myself!!!!