Monday, May 03, 2010

This Post Has Words. The Next One Will Have Pictures. And Videos.

Holy cow. Where has the time gone? In one week I went from NYC to San Francisco. In between I was home doing laundry. I'm now back home doing laundry again.
Why am I always doing laundry?

So, in no particular order, here's some stuff I need/should/want to blog about:

Best parts of San Francisco this past weekend:
1. Being with Brandon while he wasn't in school.
2. Hiking to the top of Coit Tower alone (with #5 on my back, and I honestly think the hike was most of the fun! Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers).
3. Hanging with all the Wharton people and their spouses/partners on the Hornblower!
4. Enjoying the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building with MDS (the friend I blogged about who had lost her unborn child a couple of weeks ago).
5. Eating the best Chinese food I have EVER had. EVER. Hands down. EVER!
6. Seeing Bren and Carrie running the 200 mile Relay event!
7. Finding out Brandon's aunt is pregnant with #6.
8. Getting two --count 'em! --naps!

Sad parts of San Francisco this weekend:
1. My camera going weird and having to use Brandon's iPhone to take photos of Coit tower and the assent thereof.
2. #5 catching a cold.
3. Coming home to laundry. As usual.

Before I went to NYC, #2 did a RAD kids performance. Did I already talk about this? RAD kids is awesome. Purely awesome. It's a class for 1st graders, 3rd graders, and...other graders, I'm sure, and what they do is teach the kids three things: 1. You are important! You matter! 2. Nobody has the right to hurt you in anyway. NOBODY. 3. If you do get hurt by somebody, it's not your fault.
I love this because it finally puts to rest that a stranger is the most dangerous predator. In reality, nearly 96% of all kids molested, abused, and/or taken is by somebody they know. And trusted. They teach these kids to follow their instincts and to not go with anybody who makes them feel uncomfortable. They also teach them self-defense! This isn't a classroom where they learn the words --these kids are actually learning HOW to defend themselves and they PRACTICE it. It was so fun to see #2 beating up on the police officer dressed in his red protective gear and shouting and running to "save" herself.

If you don't have this program in your schools, I highly recommend finding a way to get one!

#1 loves musical theater. The next post will show you photos of her performance last week. My only question: How did she get so gorgeous?!

The month of Cheryl has officially ended. Did I tell you this was my month? I decided it was my month. I need a month every once in a while. Don't you? This is why it was my month:
1. I did the taxes all by myself and ended up with a huge chunk of change that ended up being mine (from my previous job).
2. I took said chunk of change and bought myself new clothes (I love DownEast!), new garments (how come I was the only one who didn't know about carinessa? Is that a pathetic sign of the last time I bought new garments??), and new make-up. I got my hair done. I gave myself a pedicure. I even bleached my moustache! (oh, the things I admit online.)
3. I flew to NYC for a girl's weekend.
4. I flew to San Francisco for a hubby weekend. Sort of. I mean, he was in school, but whatever.
5. I indulged in some chocolate and pastries.

Now the month is over. And I feel renewed! Refreshed! Tired, yes, but that's a given. I'm always tired.

Anywhosers, May is going to be the month of gardening! Bring on the square foot lumber! Bring on the compost! Let's get us some tomatoes growin'!

There are probably a thousand other things I want to blog about. Or write about. Or think about. I know this, because at least three times a day I think: "Hey! I should blog about this!" But then I don't. Because I can't remember what I had thought.

The End.


Annette Lyon said...

Quite a month, for sure!

I'm trying to come up with something blog-worthy today.

So far: got nothin'

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time!

I'm afraid to make a list of my accomplishments last month.

sariqd said...

What a perky post! Love it! And WTG on having "Cheryl Month." And you know what? I'm not even jealous of all the self-pampering. You so deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good Month of Cheryl. Congratulations on the naps. ;)