Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Okay, So I Lied

Which means, there are still no pictures or videos. In this post. Which is the next one. Or was supposed to be.

I probably should post them, but then I would have to sit here and upload them and put in the time and energy. Which I can't seem to muster right now.

Instead, here's the Biggest Loser post!
I did not lose any weight. Or gain any weight. Progress?? I'll be sure to take a picture of it next week, though. I will! Because I must!

Thoughts about the show:
I LOVE make-over week! Love it! So sad Sam left, but HELLO!? Sam and Stephanie!? How cool was that?!

Thoughts about weight loss:
I bought The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook. And it rocks. Whole, organic, local foods are still my inner-most desire, people. I have plans for my square-foot garden, my herb garden, and going to the farmer's markets all summer. Ooh! And buying an electric wheat grinder, too!

American Idol:

Meh. Lee wasn't as great as they said. Casey wasn't as bad as they said. Crystal was better than last week, and Big Mike still annoys me (he has terrible diction, people!). Aaron closes his eyes too much.

But, baby, I love me some Harry Connick Jr.! He was, by far, the BEST thing about last night. I LOVE HARRY! Just in case you didn't know.
Amazing Race:

GO COWBOYS! I hope they win the million bucks! And I'm so excited that the final city is San Francisco. That is all.


Side note
: Don't believe everything you read in the news. I always thought this, but now I really understand it. Sensationalism sells, you know? Facts tend to have perspectives, deviances, and many, many details. Sound bytes don't have time for those details, and so the most negative picture is often painted.

Just so you know.


TaLaisa said...

I have progress to report! Lost a pound (190 at weigh in Saturday night). I ran a 5k on Saturday morning, in the rain/snow. I finished in less time than I had planned for. It involved two steep hills. I've been running 5 days a week, lately.

I love make over week! Did not love Darius' hair. Hated the fact that Sunshine went into a plus sized store with Ashley (and had to ask for a smaller than 12 size) but Michael had to go to big and tall all alone??? Made me sad for him. He's a babe. Loved the hair. And the clothes. His smile is the best. I saw the previews for next week and I hope he regains his hope about losing the rest. (I never really thought about BL contestants becoming hopeless about losing all their weight. They have the magic bullet that seems to make them exempt from all outside world weight loss experiences.

I am excited about Sam and Stephanie, that was really cute!

I'm way excited about the cowboys being final 3. I hope they win! Is it just me or does it seem like Caite has a huge chip on her shoulder about the miss teen usa episode. I think she frets about it so much it makes it hard for everyone to forget that she's 'that girl'.

Amanda D said...

I love make-over week too. I thought that Daris looked great. A totally different guy. I missed the first part so I'm not sure what all they did but it had to have been more than just a haircut.

I was kind of sad to see Sam go, but really he doesn't have much (if any) left to lose.

I'm curious about your side note -- are you thinking of anything in particular on the news?

Sara said...

i'm curious about the side note too ... ?