Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too Much TV: AR, AI, and BL (and my weight report!)

Amazing Race:
My favorite quote of the night was when what's-his-name (the cowboy) said: "Whining and complaining wasn't going to get my puzzle done." We seriously need some more kind-hearted, hard-working, positive, ethical, and mature people in this world. I hope these cowboys win! They are simply wonderful. And my fondness of them may or may not have to do with the fact that I'm from southern Idaho. And dated cowboys back in the day. Maybe.

American Idol:

Shania Twain is awesome. I loved this night because I think the contestants did really well. Okay, sort of. I mean, Crystal didn't have the best night (which was a shame, because that was one of my favorite Shania Twain songs, ever), but at least she kind of knew it. Siobhan, though? Egads, batman! I thought the judges were going to rip her apart for being so completely contradictory and weird. But they didn't. Here was my thought process as I listened to her: "Why does she start out so quiet and low? It's like she's trying to breathe the song. Holy cow, she can't sing and walk at the same time --at least sing in tune and walk at the same time. How is this happening? Holy crap, what is up with the big notes at the end? Give us something at the beginning. Don't save all of it for one big note at the end. A little melodramatic, girl. Why couldn't you have made the ENTIRE song fun, instead of saving it for the last ten seconds? I don't get it." Which is sad. Because I used to like her a lot.

My favorite of the night: Casey, hands down.

The Biggest Loser:
I don't have a picture because I forgot to get the camera from the basement. Which would have taken me at least 30 seconds to get!
Anyway, I still weighed myself, and it wasn't pretty. I've gained 1 1/2 pounds. Eek! But I know why: New York City. Curse you, Magnolia's and beautiful French Food!

Thoughts on the Show:
The Texas 5K thing took me back to when I ran my very first 5K. It was incredible! I still remember thinking how crazy it was that I could run that far without stopping. And when Darius ran his in 21 minutes, I thought, "Dang! My best time is 31 minutes!" But I haven't been running in a long time. I don't know if I could go out and even do 1/2 a mile at this point. But that's okay! It'll just have to be the next goal.
Btw, I cannot wait for make-over week next week! It's my favorite, by far. I adore before-and-afters. But only if the after is better than the before. Of course.

Thoughts on Weight loss:
I'm so close to my goal, and yet my body doesn't look like it. This is because my exercise efforts are not what they should be. I remember, when I first lost 40 pounds, and was doing intense weight-training twice a week, I lost a whole dress size in a month, but only lost 3 pounds. How could I lose an entire size, but only 3 pounds? Easy --lean muscles. See, I know this, and yet I'm slacking on the intensity.
The irony is that women need weight-training more than men. We need lean, hard muscles because they help protect our bones from developing osteoporosis. We ESPECIALLY need it in our 30's and 40's. Crazy, eh? So if you haven't already thrown weight-training into your exercise regimen, do it!

How did you do?


Julie said...

Hey, I'm exercising again, so YAY!

And I missed AI last night, but caught up with videos on I really didn't like Siobahn, Mike was blah as usual, Aaron had a great night, Crystal really didn't do well and I thought her back talk to the judges was much less charming this go around, Casey was absolutely fantastic and really should stick with these ballad-type songs because otherwise he drives me nuts, and Lee was my favorite of the night, pitch issues and all. I'm really starting to love the guy and I think his pitch issues somehow add to my like of him? Weird.

Becky, I have 2 cats said...

I'm off the bandwagon for the moment. I've been struggling through illness to finally lose my voice for the second time in a month. That got me to the doc with diagnoses of bronchitis, sinusitis and laryngitis. So he put the kibosh on my 5K this Saturday which is ok since I've only run three times in the last month. Blah.

TaLaisa said...

I love AR, especially the cowboys. And it has a whole lot to do with the fact that I was in 4-H in high school and spent every day in the barn, riding my horse, cleaning horse stalls, and hanging out with cowboys. Not all of them were as polite as Jet and Cord, they are classy guys.

I haven't watched biggest loser yet, but it's on DVR. I'm running a 5k this Saturday. Crazy! I think I'll be walking at least some of it. Maybe. My husband is running with me so I may not be allowed to walk. LOL. Mostly because I won't let him beat me. My best time on a 5k was 33minutes.

I ran/walk alternating minutes 17 miles last week. Yay, me!

I'm also down 3.5 pounds (so 191) since last week. And 3 away from where I left off. I love weight training. My 3 year old however does not love the daycare at the gym. So my dilemma has been, do I give up 1 hour of preschool granted free time (twice a week) to go weight train at the gym? or fit it in somewhere else? Because I miss it. I do. Something about being 7 months pregnant (visibly) and shocking the muscle head guys at the gym by how much I could lift on the hack-squat, made me feel strong and amazing. And with my doctors blessing too.