Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Biggest Loser: This Is Working!

I lost 1.4 pounds this week, dear reader.
1.4 pounds!
And I even ate girl scout cookies.

I cannot even begin to describe how free I feel. Completely, totally, and significantly free.

This new way of eating (for me) has seriously changed everything. Everything. I no longer count points. I no longer keep a running journal of what I eat. I no longer worry about eating a cookie or two or going out for Indian food. I eat until I am full, and I eat GOOD food. I eat food I never thought I could (or should) afford. I am cooking in advance, and I am planning and prepping and LIKING it. Instead of spending money on junk (that I always bemoan is bad for me anyway), I spend money on things like avocados, pepper jack cheese, blueberries, and thrice-washed organic spinach leaves. I make brown basmati rice and just Monday I made a teriyaki pork roast (which has made for some excellent sandwiches). And when I ate about 10 girl scout cookies the other day (which I would normally feel guilty about, and then the guilt would drive me to eat the whole box later in secret), I didn't bat an eye. Or crave more.

See, I have to put this out there: I like moderation. I love it, actually. There is something to be said for allowing oneself a crazy indulgence every once-in-a-while. In fact, I had eaten some Costco cookies at Book Club last night BEFORE my weigh-in. And I still had lost weight. Why? Because I am eating real food (except for that occasional cookie, eh?). Nothing else has really changed. My exercising is better, yes, but in all reality, nothing else has changed. I still don't get sleep. I still nurse A LOT. My husband is still gone a lot, and I feel overwhelmed at times. The only thing I've changed is my diet--what I put in mouth. That's it. I haven't changed portions conscientiously, because they have changed on their own. I haven't changed when I eat, either. I'm just eating food that either came from the ground or had a mother. That's it.

And it's working!

Now for you people:
I'm a bit sad. Out of the 25 or so people who started this Biggest Loser thing with me, only 3 or 4 of you are still reporting. Look, I know it's hard. I know it sucks. I know it takes a lot of time and effort and work. I know it. Oh, my heck, I know it! But I also know it's important to be healthy. I'm not going to ask you to report in every week if you'd rather not, but I really hope you are not giving up. Please don't. Please! Some of you had over 30 pounds to lose. Some only had a little. No matter what you agreed to do, please keep going! Take it slow (that's the right way to do it, anyway) and just keep plugging along. Here are some ideas that could help, baby steps if you will:
1. Cut soda out of your life completely. If you did only this, and nothing else, you would still lose weight. And feel better.
2. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up--carbs and protein.
3. Drink water throughout the day.
4. Early to bed, early to rise... (Bed at 10:30PM and up at 6:30AM --if you can actually get the whole night in! I can't, so I feel like a hypocrite saying this...)

You can do this. I know you can. Keep trying!
Now, report!


Jill said...

I fell off the wagon. Actually, I was drowned off the wagon. It rained so much I couldn't run, and that gave me an excuse to do nothing. I am still reading, and (silently) cheering. I did run 2 miles on Monday, so I hope to be back into the swing of things (we got to the park yesterday as the rain started) soon! Way to go, Cheryl. I can't wait for a post on your specifics!

Courtney N said...

I never signed up for this but I'll report in... I don't know how much I weight. I don't really eat that much. I just got back from 2 weeks in the field where we hiked 14-17 miles a day. My pants fit a little better. Done and done!

evitafjord said...

I fell off the wagon this week and then it ran over me. Spring Break for my husband, full of "we'll just grab something to eat while we're out" and other social eating. I feel ick but getting back in the swing of things. I think I was at 195.2 this morning.

Becky, I have 2 cats said...

Checking in! I'm horrible about regularly writing something, that's why I don't have a blog of my own. Still running. Haven't at all in a week and a half since I've been helping some friends with a project and there has been a lot of burning candles at both ends. So I don't know really where I'm at weight wise, but I'm in the game still. Maybe just at the end of my time-out.

I'm really interested in reading the book you did since I've been trying for 10 years to lose this same 15-20 pounds and seem to be able to do 5 in a week or two and then never get much further.

Alison Wonderland said...

I never signed up for this but we do have our workout stuff so I'll tell you that I didn't workout on Tues as I usually do, but that I'll still probably get my 4 in. My other news is that I'm quitting the climbing gym at the end of the month so after that I'm going to have to do videos for all four and I hate that so things could get a lot more difficult. We'll see how that works out.

TaLaisa said...

I did sign up for this. And fell. I Fell hard.

I'm still battling with the roots of the problem and I had a dream where I called you sobbing and explained the whole thing and you kicked my butt and said get to work, you can't even see the roots with all the leaves. So you may as well trim at the leaves so you can see a little better.

I'm at 194 (yes I gained 6 of the 8 I lost back) I'll be weighing in by picture for the next weigh in.

Amanda D said...

I go up and down. One day I've lost a couple pounds and the next, I've gained it back. I'm working on it though. I need to get better about my evening snacks (that's what's killing me), because I eat good meals, and I exercise. Oh, well. Just keep truckin, right?

Becky, I have 2 cats said...

So yesterday weighed in at the gym at 158 which is only down 1 pound overall, up a couple since last weigh in. Guess that's what I get for downing a box of girl scout cookies and a tub of cinnamon bunnies over the last week. But I did hit my 5 mile run. So I've just got to make sure I get a treat twice a week, not once a day.

Kimberly said...

154. Down one pound this week. Down 17 total. And 14 left to go!