Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol: Top 12

My favorites of the night:
Siobhan, Didi, Crystal, Katie, and Lacey.

I'm not sure why, but none of the guys did it for me. Could it be that I was reading a book and nursing the baby at the same time? Could it be that Casey and Tim and Lee really let me down because they sounded so boring? Could it be that I was shocked at Katie's ability to make me stop reading and listen? Could it be I was still reeling from the Siobhan (aka Adam Lambert) scream?

We may never know.

What did you think?


Julie said...

Siobahn, Crystal, Didi -- in that order. No one else was even worth a listen.
Well, Lee was better than he has been.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I just loved that they are on the big stage. And the hair and makeup and gets much funner at this stage of the competition.

Can I also say, Kara is soooooooo annoying. All the time. And her cougar references are creepy. Sure, we all think Casey is edible, but let's keep it to ourselves on a family show, Mmkay?

Oh, but Ellen's "blonde" joke? Now that was funny. ;)

Susan M said...

I thought Aaron did well with "Angie," but then I love that song. Was really disappointed Andrew chose "Gimme Shelter." No way he could do justice to that song.

Cardalls said...

I am so not into it this year! I haven't watched a full episode yet. I know maybe 3 of their names. I think it's just old for me and none of them are doing anything for me. I am way more into The Biggest Loser and they are on at the same time so I watch that instead. Maybe when there are only a few left I will watch more.