Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Idol: Top 12 results

Meh. I didn't really care that Lacey was voted off, and I was surprised at my relief that Tim was not. I'm betting it was his Alleluia (Hallelujah?) song a few weeks back.

But who were those people who performed? I am SO out of the music scene. I'm seriously turning into my mother. In fact, I remember her horrifying look when we were listening to a song on the radio (years ago) and I told her it was Barenaked Ladies. That is going to be me! Sooner than later.
Anyway, who were those women? And why did I hate the last one so much? Why did I find her headdress so offensive? Not to mention her song about the backseat of her car?



Julie said...

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto.

Except the Tim Urban thing. I didn't love his Hallelujah simply because compared to Jason Castro's near perfect, emotionally wrenching rendition of that song, Tim's was like a plate of unsalted scrambled eggs. BLAH.
He is super cute, though, and (to use Paula's words) I want to hang him from my rear-view mirror. He's a doll. But he's not a great artist.
I was very happy with the bottom 3 and wish that they could have all gone home last week so I could still have Lilly, Katelyn, and Alex in the competition.

Also, those singers were super freaky!!!!!!! The Kesha girl was, like you said, really offensive and just plain untalented. It made me feel very vindicated in my obsession with American Idol -- a show that celebrates and even demands vocal ability over freak show value.
And should that song ever be allowed on a family show??????
I missed David Cook's performance, which I was bummed about.

Cardalls said...

only saw a few minutes due to dealing with sick kidds. but they were freak shows and offensive! loved david cook though...have to say he is one of the best contestants to come out of that show! him and carrie underwood and kelly!

flip flop mama said...

Because they were crap. 'nuff said.

Never A True Aggie said...

Oh, it is that KE$HA girl. I think she is AWFUL! We only get a few stations on our radio and her songs come on all the time. Well it is another one that is on about her getting drunk and dancing at a club. Great role model. Needless to say, we usually change the channel when she comes on. Her voice is terrible. I am thinking she has no problem sleeping with people, because that is the only reason why I think anyone would give her any kind of contract. The headdress was weird and awkward. I couldn't figure it out. Also, the TV people...huh?