Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stuff. About Today.

This morning I managed to take care of health insurance claim coverage thingy concerns, get the safety/emissions/registration finished on the van, and...well, gosh. That's about it. But it took time, effort, and cold-calling the insurance company TWICE.
Dude! I rock.

After the safety/emissions at the Toyota dealership this morning, I began driving back home and I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk. She was carrying a diaper bag and a baby wrapped in a large quilt. I looked up at my little thermometer thing and saw it was 25 degrees outside. I thought for just a second and then I stopped:
"Would you like a ride?"
"It's just so cold out there, and I don't have a car seat for your baby, but...where are you going? Would you like to ride or rather walk?"
"Just there to the college."
"Well, maybe I could get in the back?"
"Oh, if it's just right there, no worries. Hop here in the front..."
She did.
"How far do you walk to the college?"
"I get off at the bus stop over at ________"
"Really? That's kind of far."
Awkward silence.
"Well, it's good exercise, right?"
She smiled. "Right."
I dropped her off at the front door of the college and she thanked me. #4 yelled "Good-bye!" really loud and we left.
As I drove home, all I could think about was:
1. She is going to college and has a small child. Does she have other children?
2. She took the bus. Is this because of practicality or necessity?
3. I'm glad I was there today. I wish I took her name and could be there for her every day.

Horrifying news:
A friend of mine from high school went missing, along with her 4-year old daughter --and her husband, who is accused of shooting and killing his mother and his mother's boyfriend. They were found recently in Virginia (although the shooting was in Oregon) and my friend is being held as a material witness. One of her best friends started this Facebook page and I'm praying with all my heart that things get resolved soon. It appears that my friend was kidnapped by her husband. Their daughter will be placed with family members until stuff gets resolved. I'm heartbroken! What an awful experience to have to endure. Please add her to your prayers! Her name is Jessica.
[For details, just go to the Facebook page. There are links to newspaper articles and such, although this one is pretty clear on the details...]

Not wanting to end on such a sad note, I will share with you something beautiful. Do you recognize these pictures?

The first three are in Shanghai, China.
The last three are in/near Beijing, China.

I'm going to China! (Maybe you already knew.)

Brandon's class picked Beijing and Shanghai for their international trip this next fall and they highly encourage spouses to go. At first I was kind of put out. China? I've never had an interest to go to China. None. England? Ooh, baby! France? Italy? Bring it on! However, Brandon brought home some travel books for both cities and I have been eating them up. I'm so excited to go! I cannot wait. Can. not. wait!


Cardalls said...

What an adventure! I haven't ever wanted to go either...but heck if I had the chance why NOT???

That poor woman! Glad you were there for her!

Christy said...

Good on you - for picking up that girl...i can't imagine walking in the cold - no good :)

Do they encourage spouses friends to come along??? I would LOVE to go to China!! I am jealous. the end.

Grandma Rozla said...

I'm with Christy - spouses friends to come along? Lynn's missionary companion lives in China. We want to go to him :) You are a good person miss Cheryl - all the way around. A. Good. Person.


I'm so excited you are going to China! Do you think I can fit into your suitcase?

Anonymous said...

Look at you all Good Samaritany. I'm so proud.

Amanda D said...

China would be scary for me. I'd have to take a suitcase full of food. I'm too picky! Exciting for you though.

Julie said...

China is high on my list of places I'd love to visit. What an adventure you'll have!!!

You're a good lady, by the way. That was really nice of you to pick her up. Also, what is she doing with her child during class???

Susan M said...

I'd love to go to China. (Tibet is actually my dream.) My brother's been a couple times. He lives in Taiwan.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's horrifying ordeal. My prayers are with her.