Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Week 8, and American Idol!

American Idol
Last night was just okay for me. I'm thinking that we're finally getting to the point, after 8 years, that everything is just kind of sounding the same. Nobody is doing anything better than anything that has been done or is currently out there. In fact, I think Simon was right when he told some of the girls that they sounded just like singers on the Internet or in the subway. Sure, they sound good, but they sound just like everybody else. Luckily Adele and Colbie were at the fore-front of that sound! Anyway, even the ones I liked last night still didn't blow me away. It's sounding a tad boring. At least for me. I don't know. Maybe I'm just calloused?

I won't comment on every girl that sang last night, but I will say that I really enjoyed:
Crystal --she got new teeth! But that's not why I loved it, but it helped a bit
Lilly --she's very confident in who she is
Didi --I just love her voice (and the song she sang, and I agreed with Kara that she made it her own)
Michelle --although it was boring, her voice was fantastic
Paige --same as Michelle
Siobhan --that quirky girl is making a fan out of me...

I had high hopes for Janell and was disappointed. I had high hopes for Lacey and was REALLY disappointed. Sigh...

What did you think?

My weight this week:
I lost .2 pounds!
I think the scale might be broken. Or running low on batteries. Because I don't think I did that well.
Sad, really.
Brandon's weight this week:

He stayed about the same.

Thoughts on the show: Hahahahaha! There was no show!

Thoughts on weight-loss:
This week I'm just trying extra hard to remember my mantras from week's past:
If it's not in the house, it won't go in my mouth!

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

and a resurrected one from a few years ago:
I can do hard things!

How did you do?


evitafjord said...

195.2 - down 2.2 pounds, I think 5.6 total. Yay!

Cardalls said...

yeah idol seems boring to me right now. I think I like Lilly, but agreed with the judges that there are hundreds of people out there who sound the same. I think I won't be as into it this season. Haely was horrible!

Kimberly said...

156.8 down 2.0 this week. Haven't watched Idol yet. My children might allow it sometime this century. Heaven forbid, I meet their needs or anything ;)

Julie said...

Yeah, Idol was totally underwhelming last night, especially with all the hype that it was going to be the girls' year. I hope the guys are MUCH better tonight. Seriously.

Haeley was so awful on I Wanna Hold Your Hand and yet I found myself liking it at moments. She was thisclose to being okay but just had no control over her craziness. Too bad.

Siobahn, Crystal, and Lilly are the ones to watch right now. Uber-hyped Katie Stevens: FAIL.

evitafjord said...

By the way, I'm checking out the Speedy Spaniard course on Google Maps and I'm sold. I was apprehensive about the distance but I love the route and now I'm pumped to do it, even if it takes me way too long to finish it haha. I'm going to make sure it jives with the rest of our vacation plans and maybe register this week.