Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Week 5

TaLaisa and Marianne, where are your pictures? Hmm??

Hey, hey! So, I was totally expecting to gain weight this week. Stomach flu is over, but exercise and eating right was still a tad off. But lo and behold, I lost! Woot-woot!

I lost only 1/2 a pound, but I'll take it! My goal for next week is to be out of the 190's. Think I can do it? I do! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...

Brandon lost THREE pounds! He is doing awesome.

Okay, now you people:
  • Aunt Kathi: My guess is that you are not eating enough. You probably know all this, but if we don't eat a certain calorie amount each day, our body will actually hold onto weight because it thinks we're starving. But you rock at the working out! You'll get it, I'm sure. How did you do this week?
  • Judi: Therapy ROCKS. I won't lie to you --I think everyone should have therapy. Even me! But I have a tip for you: Gum. Sugar-free gum. Grab a piece every time you feel like munching, even if you end up chewing gum all day! It helps me a lot.
  • Dianne: I blame mine on the "whatever week this is" curse, so you're good! I'm sorry about your grandmother. That's hard. And yes! Cleaning the house is definitely aerobic-related. :)
  • Kimberly: 5.2 in two weeks!? That is amazing! How did you do this week?
  • evitafjord: Water is so important, so yes! Drink water. I think it helps with almost everything --skin, hair, digestion, etc. Did you lose any weight this week?
  • katelisa: It's totally normal to be in a funk. It's totally normal to hate the scale, too! But don't give up --weigh in today and tell me what it is. Even if it's bad news, it's still important to stay accountable. One thing I've learned through all of this is how easy it is to just give up. We get to the point where we feel like we can't do it, or we're failing, and so we just throw our hands up in the air and yell 'it's not worth it!' when in reality, it is worth it. So, don't give up!
  • TaLaisa: See my comments to katelisa. And you rock. And did you lose?
  • Julie: I hope you lost an ounce (or more) this week. Did you?
  • Cardalls: I love the grey team, too. They are so real and work so hard.
Thoughts on the Show:
  1. Wow. I have a new-found respect for stubborn Miggy. Surgery? And still losing 5 pounds!? She is amazing. Amazing.
  2. I was so sad that John went home. I wanted the red team to go because of all the drama they've caused. At the same time, however, I know how she felt when she made it out of the 200's. It is such an incredible feeling!
  3. My favorite part of the entire show last night was when purple (dang, what's her name?) had all those people running for five minutes. When they did it, and Sunshine was all crying because she did it, and they were all amazed at themselves, I seriously started crying myself. THAT'S what this show is all about! Not the immunity or the drama or the voting --it's about realizing we can take control of our bodies and our lives and accomplish great things.

Thoughts on Weight Loss this week:

  1. Follow this mantra: IF IT'S NOT IN THE HOUSE, IT WON'T GO IN MY MOUTH! Seriously, stop buying junk. If you have it in the house, you will eat it. Stop pretending you have self-control. I had to! I can't have it in the house. Because of that, I actually threw out some chocolate truffles the other day (the rest of the bag). Did I waste some money? Probably. But do I feel awesome now? Yes!
  2. Chew gum and drink water. If you don't like gum, then suck on a mint. I promise that not only will your thighs thank you, but so will your friends. Because your breath will rock!
  3. It's February, the month when all weight-loss resolutions go flying out the window. Don't be a statistic! Keep trying. Keep working. I didn't get any exercise in last week because of the stomach flu, and it's been hard for me to get back into it, but I'm not giving up, and neither should you. In fact, I'm very seriously considering signing up for a 5K this summer. Maybe even a 10K. Maybe.
  4. I keep remembering THIS. I have to. Because I remember so clearly how good it felt. I want to feel that way again!

And you?


Stephanie said...

Cleaning is DEFINATELY a workout. Especially vacuuming, and especially, especially vacuuming the stairs. It's what my hubby does when it's too cold or dark or yucky to get out for a walk or bike ride. Plus, it makes the house cleaner. Which I know mine can always use.

TaLaisa said...

Sorry about not sending my picture. It's bad news. bad.bad.bad. news. I cried about it. Then I watched BL today on my DVR and cried some more. I'm definitely in a weight loss funk.

I'm at 192. Nearly at square one.

But I refuse to be a statistic.

Dianne said...

Even with all the emotions of last week, the comfort food binges, and zero trips to the gym, I somehow managed to still lose 1/2 pound! I'm going to get back in it this week, for sure, because I feel so much better when I exercise and eat right. I'm down 4 pounds over 3 weeks!

Kimberly said...

161.8. Which is only down 0.4, but I had two good weeks in a row, so I was kind of expecting it. My goal this week is to get the heck out of the 160's!! Oh, and I made my first mini-goal of 5%! I always feel like I am preaching to the masses about weight watchers, but to those of you struggling...Weight Watchers is the best (and I know Cheryl agrees)!! It's slow and steady, and it's the only lifestyle that makes sense for what you want in moderation while learning healthy habits. Alright, I'll step down from my soapbox!

Good job to everyone this week!

brenbot said...

half marathon, half marathon, half marathon. you know you want to.

Amanda D said...

I think you should find a 5 or 10k. It's great motivation! Just let me know which one-maybe I will be in Utah and we can do it together!

I've gained but I'm still working out and working on the eating too. Sigh.

Cardalls said...

oh i am sooo ready to get back into shape! I am having blood pressure and racing heart issues this pregnancy...I want to feel good again! i am doing the st. george 5K next January!

(my word verification was lazed...appropriate for me right now :)

Julie said...

So I did the Jillian Shred workout video thing on Monday just as I was starting to feel a cold coming on. It was a huge mistake!
I've been sick all week (not because of the workout, but I do think the added soreness from working out for the first time in a long time didn't help my illness at all).
Anyway, that's that.

Marianne said...

Hooray for freshly painted toes!

Boo for a .2 gain.

Hoping for a better week (again).

And...I'm so disappointed that John left! I wanted Melissa gone! I still think she's a liar, liar, pants on fire. :o)

Fisher Family said...

One word Cheryl (well actually more than 1)P90X! It's kickin' my butt!

Laura said...

I totally agree with you when you said... "If you have it in the house, you will eat it. Stop pretending you have self-control."

It is SO true! I made cookies today thinking they will last all week and I wouldn't eat them all. Welp, I've successfully eaten at least half the batch already. I think I'm going to put a few in Scott's lunch for tomorrow and throw the rest away. It's the only way I won't eat them. Ugh! And I was doing so good this week. Poop!