Thursday, January 28, 2010

Badgley Mischka and Purging (not the stomach flu kind, thank goodness!)

Attention to anyone getting married this spring or summer or who wants to get married this spring or summer or knows someone who will be getting married this spring or summer:
Badgley Mischka is having a trunk show at Avenia Bridal on March 12th and 13th! Click here to make an appointment. And just FYI --Avenia is the only bridal boutique in the entire state of Utah who carries Badgley Mischka gowns. Cool, eh? Depending on people's appointment times, I may also be there to take photos. Even more cool!
Stomach flu is over!

And the peasants rejoiced.
January is a hard month. February would be harder if it wasn't for three birthdays (#4, #2, and moi) and Valentine's Day. I just can't stand winter for some reason. It's not that I hate snow or storms or cold...okay, maybe I do. I love to see winter landscapes, and I love storms and the time just after the storms, and I love snow on Christmas and such but...I just get sick of it so fast. So very, very fast. I also hate hot, hot heat (as opposed to the cold heat). Hot heat (like over 90 degrees) is awful. Luckily, hot heat around here lasts less than 2 months. The snow and cold, however? More like 4 months.

To combat the winter blahs, though, I've decided I need to focus inward and kind of positive-like. So, I've decided to do something just crazy! I'm going to actually feed my inner need to purge and organize and clean (ooh, living room curtains are already done!). I have to. I want to. I need to! But how to start? Where to start?
I'll think about it and get back to you.

Meanwhile, give me your secrets to purging and/or cleaning and/or organizing. What tricks/tips have worked for you? This could be anything from laundry to toys to bathrooms to backyard insanity.
Muchos thank-you!


Grandma Rozla said...

I'm waiting for the tricks and tips as well - so as you get them please pass them on. I'm feeling the purging need as well! Love ya beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I have no secrets. Sorry. I just try to do as much as I can while I'm in the mood. If I stop, then it's all over. The moment has passed. And I'm back to my cluttered deorganization. So work, work, work!

Cardalls said...

no tips here either...i missed out on the organization gene somehow (the rest of my family got it). wish i had the $$ to hire a professional organizer to come in and help me organize!

Kim said...

This has nothing to do with purging...well maybe it does purging of my thoughts to you! I feel the need to tell you how freaking AMAZING I think you are! You are such a kind caring wonderful woman, mother, and wife!! Just so ya know YOU ROCK SISTA!!!! Have a great weekend!

Kevin and Lisa said...

The easiest way to purge/declutter everything is to put your house on the market. That's what mode we're getting into. WE're hoping to put it up in April. Sure fire way to get things out, and keep them out. Not to mention having a stressed out, crazy mama too!

Kara said...


I have a few ideas for organizing, maybe everyone already does it, I don't always keep up with it but when I do it make my house feel so nice. Our house has 3 levels so I get tired of making trips up and down stairs all the time. At the end of the day I take a laundry basket and go through the main level which is our living space and take anything that doesn't belong and put it in the basket and take it upstairs to the bedrooms. Then when I get down in the morning I am not overwhelmed.

I get tired of things getting destroyed by little hands so I use a lot of little boxes with lables and put them on the shelves in closets. Also those shoe organizers that hang on the door are great for kids closets and bathrooms for storage. I put hair stuff, toys, art things ect... in them. I put some of my sewing and craft stuff in them as well. I open the door and I can see exactly what I need.

I love labels!!!!

I also keep everything I need to clean things in that room. I know it costs more but I have cleaning stuff for the bathroom in all 3 bathrooms, I am more likely to clean it if I don't have to go upstairs or downstairs to get the stuff to clean.

I have multiple little file boxes around the house and all the papers go in the file boxes so the clutter is under control.

I have a chore list and I let everyone volunteer for their chores and if I end up doing someones chores they have to do all of mine and no one wants to do that so most often all the chores get done.

I use my dishwasher for a lot of things, from dishes to toys and even flip flops in the summer.

Laundry is my mortal enemy. I don't mind washing it but it gets folded in the baskets and then it sits, I don't get it put away for days so I don't have any suggestions there. If you have any laundry secrets let me know.

You are amazing!!

Maybe I can come down there when it gets warm and help you with your garden, I love plants and gardens...I am a botanist so I should!!!

Love ya,