Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Biggest Loser: Week 4

I'm sorry that I'm posting this late, guys. Stomach flu is no fun --the kids are all better now, but we've hit round two, and it seems that I'm the only one fighting this round. Fun, fun!

Anyway, I still weighed-in last night. So, here we go!

I lost 3.2 pounds. When I weighed myself Monday night, I had actually weighed 189. However, I was glad to see it go up because it meant the food I ate was stickin' to me!


He lost .6 pounds.

My big computer with the photo loading software is playing up. (I'm on the laptop) But I did weigh in last night 189.5 (so up 1.5). I'll email you a picture later when my computer cooperates. As far as the gain I wish I could say I was 'throwing' the weigh in but honestly I was an exercise slacker last week. I didn't think it would make much difference. Wrong. So lesson learned. Exercise is a must. I'm working on writing down everything I eat this week, water, water, water, water and obviously exercise.


I have two things to say...
1. I REALLY need a pedicure.
2. Blast! I gained .8 Too much good food and not enough willpower. Time to buckle down and make this week count.
Oh and one more thing...
Melissa from the Biggest Loser is certifiably insane. She makes me crazy! I think it's time for her to go!
{Yes, she should, Marianne. Yes, she should!}

Okay, now last week, I didn't put everybody's numbers out here for the world to see, right? I left it up to you to report. Well, gosh dang it, people! You didn't report! Only 10 out of the 20 or so reported (my numbers may be inaccurate due to my lack of desire to take the time to count)! So, I'm calling you out this time. BY NAME (dun, dun, dun):
  • Amanda D: You lost 1 pound, which puts you at 178.8. Did you ignore the Lucky Charms this week?
  • evitafjord: Back to 200.8, eh? Bloating stinks. I hear ya'! I never thought about that, but that really could be a reason women on TBL don't do as well. That makes sense! Or the constant working out makes it stop completely. Strangely, I'm interested in finding out this theory.
  • Dianne: 3 pounds down! That is fantastic! How did you do this week? Are you still writing everything down?
  • Jill: This is the place for dumping, girl, so dump away! How did the running go this week?
  • madhousewife: Congratulations on playing so much DDR! What about this last week, hmmm?
  • Judi: You gained 2.4 pounds but DON'T GIVE UP!
  • Becky and all those cats: You lost 3 pounds to get you at 156. Hooray! Are you still going to the gym? You are so on top of this. I love it!
  • Kimberly: I have you at 167.4 from 2 weeks ago. How did you do this week?
  • Aunt Kathi: How goes the awesome training with the football star? Have you lost 30 pounds this week?? You just rock at this, and so I'm sure you could if you had to, eh? ;)
  • Julie P.: Water? Water? Did you drink the water?
  • Tiffany: Congrats and good luck with the IVF! You were down .5 two weeks ago --how did you do this week?
  • Julie: Do your pants fit loosely, yet?
  • Heather: Where are you? Are you doing it? You were ahead of all of us if I remember correctly!
  • Heather and Ethan: Where are you two!? Brandon would love to have another man doing this Ethan, I know it!
  • Alison: I didn't get my four this week. But I got it last week! I totally did Pilates (lame, no cardio, shouldn't count, but I'm gonna!) on Saturday night. You inspired me. Are you getting your four? Huh? Are you? Are you?
  • katelisa: You were 191.6. Have you lost any in the last 3 weeks?
  • Desi: You don't have to post your actual weight if you don't want to! You could just report how much you lose (like .4 or 4.8!).
  • Cardalls: I love that you still comment and watch the show. ;)
Thoughts on the Show:
Drama, drama, drama! Come on, people! Haven't you seen this show before? Nobody likes the drama game-players, and nobody likes the bitter victims. Green team and Red team? You need some serious help (although I think Green team needs it more in a compassionate way, because they seriously need some heavy-duty therapy. "Don't cry"?? What? So sad. So, so, so sad. Red team is just...I don't know. She almost had me convinced!).

Thoughts on Weight-loss:
1. A lot of you have gained weight this last week. And I'm here to say: IT'S OKAY. Don't freak out about it! Because if you do, you will give up. Don't give up! Each body has to adjust to weight loss, and each body does it differently. Now, if you ate out a lot and didn't exercise? (Judi, I love ya'!) Then, yeah...ummm... yeah. But that's still okay! Just keep trying...keep going...don't stop and whatever you do, don't give up!
2. Getting the stomach flu is NOT the way to lose weight. I'm just sayin'.

Your turn!


Julie said...

So, I went to Vegas this weekend and pretty much was a food freak. I'm sure I haven't lost an ounce since we started this whole thing.
I'm planning to be much, much better this week since I'm home home home.

Desi said...

Well, I'm actually expecting, so although I really need to lose A LOT of weight it looks more like I'll be gaining some for the next little while.

As for the show, I really don't like the red team. She is so fake I think. I think the green team needs a lot of help too, but in a completely different hit the nail on the head, they need compassion.

Cardalls said...

absolutely do not enjoy the red does she keep getting immunity??

I LOVE the grey team...those two guys are awesome...I want them to win! Love that they chose the red team to call home even though nobody likes them just so they could talk with their kids.

TaLaisa said...

I have nothing to say for myself except that I fought the law(s) (of losing weight) and the law won.

I was so upset that I worked so so so hard and only lost 3 pounds the week before that I just said why try if that's all I'm going to get. I didn't try as hard as I should and I realize that even trying and failing (!?) makes me feel better and happier than not trying at all. So I'm back to running and bikram yoga and anything else that looks fun because I can't get caught in the boredom exercise rut.

And for anyone who is wondering I am loving Bikram Yoga. Loving it. According to my calculations I'm burning 1286 calories in 90 minutes. I just wish it weren't so expensive ($110/month). I'm going to be sad when my $29/30 day trial is up. Maybe I can add a heater and some steam to my bathroom and practice my poses in there?

TaLaisa said...

AND. The red team makes me want to scream. I really really wanted to see her try to throw a third weigh in in a row. As if it was the last nail in the coffin. How she thinks that she's smarter than the trainers is beyond me.

The green team, I wish Miggy had gone home. What could Migdalia accomplish without her mother in the way, emotionally speaking. Kwim?

I loved that way that white and purple pulled through all on their own.

katelisa said...

Ugh-I've been in such a major funk that I haven't wanted to face the scale. I hate feeling this way, but I'm having trouble pulling myself out of it. I will weigh in next week.

evitafjord said...

199 even, so down 1.8. Still feeling bloated, even though I shouldn't, so trying to really focus on water this week and flush out the bloat. Still going on C25k, though I missed a day over the weekend while hubby was out of town so I'm going to repeat week 2. I added yoga for dummies today, which felt great - even with a 2yo riding my back during cat pose and laying right on top of me during relaxation. No relaxing but lots of stretching.

Thanks for hosting this, it is really helping me to keep thinking about staying on track. The last time I lost down to goal I was a part of a Biggest Loser based Yahoo group and it was great.

Kimberly said...

I was MIA last week...weighed in this week at 162.2 so down 5.2 in two weeks! I'll take it. I agree, exercise is the key for me. I can eat healthy my whole life long and won't really lose unless I work my rear off. I'm really disappointed in the BL this season. I don't like all the drama right off the bat. I want more inspiring stories and leave the drama for later in the season...

Dianne said...

I lost 1/2 pound this week and I'm trying to not be disappointed. Can I blame it on the week 2 curse? Even if I've been at this for longer than 2 weeks?

My grandmother passed away 3 days ago, and the funeral isn't until Monday, so I'm trying with all my might to stay on board and not eat too much comfort food. I've got family coming to stay with me so I'm hoping that deep-cleaning my house counts as my aerobic activity this week...

Feel better, Cheryl. Don't let that stomach flu win! And everyone else--keep up the good work. We can do this!

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

this week hasn't been much better for me...i have come to realize that i'm a stress eater...and that sucks because right now i feel soooo much stress in my life...i have fallen off the wagon so to speak. i'm getting my life in order..kinda took a week off the diet thing just to organize my life and simplify..trying to be good just the same but don't expect great weight loss this week..i think i need therapy, but then, who doesn't???
thanks you too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't report in last week. I was upset that I had actually gained weight - even with working out 2-3 times a day and sticking to a strict diet (only a couple of cheats the whole week). Anyways, I'm at 166.7 which is still up a pound or two I think from the first week. I am still working out like a maniac and my son is killing me. I am eating so much less than I was before - but still the weight is hanging on. But I have noticed that I am shrinking, especially around my waist. My friend that sees me in my swimsuit (I swim 3-4 times a week) says she can see a difference, too. So the only thing I can think of is that I am gaining muscle which weighs more than the fat that I have lost. this can't keep going, cause I have to get the pounds off to take the strain off my bad knee. I am going to keep up my pace and hope that I turn the corner here, soon.

Aunt Kathi