Monday, October 05, 2009

It's Monday. I am Random.

I am an Aunt!

Well, I've been an aunt for a while now, but that's just my way of saying that my sister delivered a healthy (although full of amniotic fluid) boy on Friday. He's so cute! Now she has three boys like me. Hey, dear sister, you wanna have two girls next? Just to even it out?

Brandon is HOME! Well, for a little while, anyway. He might have to go to Seattle for a few days this week, and next weekend (the 15th? or something?) he's going to school, Germany, and then school.
But for now, he is HOME!

General Conference rocked my world. From Elder Bednar's awesomeness to Elder Holland's pulpit-pounding to President Monson's temple announcing, I was edified, chastised, and overcome with goodness in my heart. I adore General Conference. The only problem I have with it is that it's so much information in such a little time! Kind of like the Temple endowment. Which, of course, means we go back and go over it again. And again. And again...
Can't wait for the November Ensign!

It's cold now. I think I will break out my Autumn decorations today. What do you think?

I met my cousin's wife last night at an open house. She is super cool and her wedding gown was fabulous (I totally notice wedding gowns now-a-days. Figures.).

Two of our boys are home! I've probably told you this before, but years ago, Brandon worked with the Deacons (for 5 years). There were 3 deacons that kind of became our "boys" and would hang out at our house all the time. This continued until we moved to California. Even then, two of them flew out to visit us for a week! And then all three of them went on missions.
Well, Isaac came home in August and Bruce came home last week. Eric doesn't get home until May, but let me tell you how OLD I feel, looking at these boys. I remember them as children, and now they are RM's and one of them is already engaged! (She waited for him.) Isn't that just crazy!?

Let's see --any more random and useless info you would like to know? No? Well, I'll let you know how the psychiatrist appointment went...
And I think I have myself a good General Conference post brewing, too. But for now, what's the random stuff going on in your life? Care to share?


Michelle Walker said...

I need a psychiatrist.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

I can't belive those boys are home either...And now Isaac is with Brandon in the priest quorum. How random! And to think that Robert was one his deacon's too, and a priest with him, and now we are doing mission papers!
I can't imagine Bruce getting married. He seems to young for that! wow!!! I wonder if Robert's "friend" will be here when he gets back. I kinda hope so 'cause I like her, a lot! But don't want him thinking about her while he's gone.
I LOVED conference too! It was amazing. Elder Holland was amazing! He always is. We are so blessed!!!!
Have a great day and week. I hope you're doing well!!!

Amanda D said...

Hooray for Brandon being home and for conference. I hope he gets to take some time to spend with you before he's back at it.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Five days of Four people with the flu....Awful.

All four of us back to school today...Hooray!
My cousin's miscarriage this weekend...Heartbreaking.

Upcoming visit to my dad...Determined.
Missing out on drill team reunion...Disappointed.

Wild, happy, busy, fulfilling life...Grateful.