Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Goes Quickly

Time plays tricks on us all the time. It blows me away at times --sometimes I think it's rude, but today, I think it's pretty cool.

Right now, I'm sitting in my living room, typing on my father's laptop. My soldier brother and his wife are here from California, and we're gushing over their two boys. My mind flashes back to when he brought his wife over to my house for the first time...I think is was June of 2002. We all fell in love with her immediately, and I wasn't shocked when they were married by the following December.
Back then, I had #1 and was pregnant with #2.
My sister and her husband are also here. She is looking absolutely adorable in her 31st week of pregnancy --it's her third boy. Their other two children are playing happily with their cousins, and again my mind flashes back...we met her husband in July of 2003. I knew immediately they would marry --which they did, again the following December.
Back then, I had #1 and #2, and by their wedding, I was pregnant with #3.
My baby brother is here. He and his gorgeous wife will be married for one whole year next week. When we met her, they were already engaged --however, she and I had been emailing each other for quite a few months. She's fabulous.
Back then, I had #1, #2, #3, and #4, although we were hoping for #5 at the time. Which will obviously come true... two days.

I look at this family, and I realize that from two daughters and two sons, in the course of only 10 years, there are also four spouses and eight grandchildren. By September, there will be ten grandchildren.

Time goes quickly. Often exponentially.

And it's a beautiful thing.


Julie said...

Lovely, Cheryl. I love your family. Lots of love to you over the next few days!

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

How wonderful life is! We were coming home tonight and drove past your home and saw kids running around and a lot of family there! How nice! Enjoy this week mom! And remember that you're a great one!

Cardalls said...

Enjoy that little bundle of deliciousness! Love the time right after a new baby...heaven is so close!

Julie said...

Just thinking of you today. Hope tomorrow goes well.