Friday, July 24, 2009

Current Randomness or I can't remember anything, but I sure can write a lot of stuff...

"Mom, I don't think I can handle hosting people this weekend. I mean, it's only 4 days until I'm induced, and I really think I hit a wall today."
"But then again, you people aren't high-maintenance. It'll be all relaxed and what-not. Plus, you are talking to me in the evening. I'm done in the evening --completely done. Come tomorrow morning I'll be 'Sure! I can make dinner for everyone!' I'm much more chipper in the mornings."

So, I hit a wall today. A physical wall, I believe. It didn't stop me from cleaning the laundry room, doing the laundry, putting up the bassinet, going shopping, fixing the car-seats, agreeing to accompany a musical number on Sunday, and managing the fearsome foursome, though. However, these things were harder and my patience was shorter and I felt more achi-ness than usual. And some sciatic nerve pain and a whole bunch of ligament stuff, and a few contractions (not real ones --no worries! If you were worried. Were you worried?).

I'm thinking this is why I haven't gone into labor. Here's my irony: Until I relax and just chill for a while, my body will not go into labor. However! If I receive an epidural (meant to relax you, right?), my body will immediately STOP labor completely. I have to feel everything in order to progress.
I don't find it weird, though. Nature is usually full of contradictions. I'm sure my body needs me to be relaxed and rested in order to make it through labor. See? Makes perfect sense.

Brandon finished one final and only has one more final and a presentation to finish! By tomorrow night, his first term at Wharton will be over.
Only 700 to go!
Okay, just kidding. It's like...12? Or something?

Did you know that Utah is awesome if you want to take all your kids out to Wal-Mart (non-preferred store --had to throw that out there. Sorry to Wal-Mart lovers!) on a Friday night whilst 39 weeks pregnant and at the end of a long, hot, chore-day? It is! Because nobody will stare at you for more than a few seconds, and the cashiers will be nice to you as your buy your stuff (she was delightful). I honestly don't feel like a freak here. It's kinda nice.

Do you feel like a freak in Utah? Or where you are living right now? How come?

I love Malcom in the Middle. And Seinfeld. And Scrubs. The re-runs of the aforementioned shows are keeping me occupied until Psych and Monk start up in a few weeks. Occupied as in: "every once in a while I actually get to sit down, and if I don't nod-off completely, I watch some TV to unwind."

Why is it that my husband can talk about politics on his Facebook page ALL THE TIME with ease and confidence and total control of his emotions, but if I do it once, and not really "talking" about it, I get all emotional and offensive to any comments (however little) that come my way? Part of me thinks it could be because our personalities are such that he can handle the pressure, but I can't (I can't handle the pressure!). However, instead of that, I'm going to go with the generalization that men and women are different. Men don't take it personally like women do. Right? Yeah, it's a bad generalization. But I'm stickin' with it. My personality is just fine, I tell you. Just fine! FINE!

My CD player is broken. Luckily, Brandon takes his laptop with him everywhere --even the hospital! Maybe we can Pandora during labor.

Adieu, dear reader. I hope your weekend is fabulous. Oh, but before I depart, I want you to read this. Because I love this person and I am worried for her, even though she told us all not to be worried. How can I not worry? Sorry, RJ...


siobhan said...

i am a total freak here in southern california. we are 30 and have four kids under the age of six. people around here don't even start having kids till they're in their 30's (at LEAST! we know a lot starting in their 40's), and even then, they'll have one or two kids.

on our road trip, we swung into the provo walmart. (wait, is it technically orem there? i think so.) it becomes a more comforting place each time i visit. NO ONE looks at me funny. no one asks me if they're all mine or tells me that i have my hands full. no one asks me if i had so many because we were trying for a boy (all four are girls, yay!). TOTALLY comfy place to hang out. i completely "feel" you!

flip flop mama said...

I totally stay away from politics on Facebook. My friends have a plethora of political views and I have no desire to stir up debates.

I love Scrubs. Hilarious!

Good luck with everything!

Alison Wonderland said...

I wasn't worried. But if you were to go into labor right now you'd call me right? RIGHT? You can't tease me with this.

Cristy said...

I can't believe how close you are to that new little baby! So exciting and I just know you're gonna rock being a Mom of 5!

Anonymous said...

I am much too pessimistic and apathetic and something else not positive or constructive to want to have anything to do with any kind of discussion about politics right now.

Although, recent hopes for a certain person were fulfilled recently, so there's that.

Only 3 more days! Woo-hoo!

Cardalls said...

I live in Vegas and people are always asking me if ALL of those children are mine...I have 4. Sometimes I feel like they are just watching us to see how crazy and misbehaved our kids are because then it might justify them being critical. Fortunately more often than not my kids are well behaved.

nweames said...

I am dying waiting for "Psych" one of the best shows on TV!!! As for ;abor, I'm all about feeling everything, it just seems to work better for me. My one child where I had an epidural was my longest labor & delivery by far.

Brandon said...

12?! No way, dude. Try FIVE more terms. That's it! I've already finished with 19 out of 111 days of school. That's 17.12% (See, that accounting class has paid off!)

Plug for Delta: WiFi on planes is cool. Delta has converted over half of it's fleet already. Only $6 a flight. Totally worth it.

earlfam said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!