Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing before Sunday...nothing before Sunday...nothing before Sunday...

For all the labor/delivery/birthing savvy people out there: I'm 2 cm dilated, and 50% effaced.
This is good news.
Very good news.
It means my chances of going into labor before Sunday are very slim. Hooray! The irony here, dear reader, is that I'm excited about NOT going into labor. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! Every woman around 39 weeks gestation will be very happy to tell you how they WANT to go into labor. How they are DYING to go into labor. How going into labor would bring them nothing but JOY. But not me! Not me!
Why not me?
Brandon is gone, remember? The beautiful man has finals this weekend --hard finals, yo --and I would rather he can focus on his studies, rock the finals, and not have to worry about what's going on at home. He's stressed enough as it is, you know...why make it worse when it doesn't have to be?
Plus, my mother is in Canada. She's my co-labor-coach with Brandon. Both of my labor partners gone!? Yeah, you can see why I want to wait.

Oh, and sure, sure. I know babies come when they want to (whatever), but that still doesn't change the fact of how much happier all of us will be if the baby can wait at least until Sunday.

And by the looks of it, he just might do it. Isn't he a good baby?

My list of things to do is getting longer. I thought I had shortened it by cleaning the house earlier this week.
Houses never stay clean. Neither does laundry. Nor do children.

Brandon and I went on a date last night. We had Mexican and then went for a nice, slow walk. See, Brandon pulled his hamstring (again!) during his softball game on Tuesday night, and I'm, you know, pregnant, and so we looked somewhat hilarious walking down the street, both of us limping in all exaggeration and awkwardness. But it was worth it when we found, and stopped into, a Gelato/Crepe Cafe and had the most delicious gelato! Mine was hazelnut/chocolate.
Oh, my. It was gooooood...

All of my children are home, now. #1 got in around 1:30AM last night (holy cow, is our living room hot! I slept on the couch, waiting for her to come home, and I swear I produced enough sweat to water the lawn. Gross, I know...), and so they are all here. It's weird. But good. Ironically, #1 and #2 will be gone all afternoon, I have an important meeting tonight, so I'll be gone, and then Brandon has left, too...
So, maybe we'll hang out next week or something. Maybe.

Tell me the following:
1. What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream/gelato (or both)?
2. Do you like Mexican food? If so, what's your preferred dish?
3. Do you sweat like a pig like me? Is it worse when you're pregnant?
4. If I go into labor before Sunday, how willing would you be to be my labor partner?

(If you are a man, don't even bother to answer the last question. Absolutely no men I know personally are allowed anywhere near me during labor/delivery/within an hour after giving birth. Of course, the father of my child is totally the exception, and luckily my midwife is a woman. And if you happen to find this unfair or strange, then you are welcome to ask me why, and I'll be more than happy to explain it to you.)


Anonymous said...

1. pistachio almond ice cream/don't think I've ever had gelato
2. Love, love, love it. I usually prefer things of the fried variety, like chimichangas or flautas (I like a little crunch), but fajitas with lots of green peppers and onions are also a favorite.
3. Women don't sweat, they glisten. And yes, I glisten like a pig, especially when with piglet.
4. Of course! If only I had a private jet to get me there at a moment's notice. Or a transporter! Yeah, a transporter!

Angie said...

I would love to be your labor partner, and I am currently living in Utah! Love all ice cream, don't like Mexican and doesn't everyone sweat like a pig when pregnant?

Becky, I have a cat said...

1)Pistachio gelato. Hands down. A distant runner up is Turkish coffee gelato.
2)Nothing beats a great handmade tamale, any flavor. There are also few things worse than a nasty tamale.
3)I sweat buckets already. That's reason 437 that I will probably never get pregnant :)
4)Sure, if you need someone inexperienced in such things to make you laugh, and someone who is not sqicked out by bodily fluids, why not? You have my phone #
5)Of course if I help cheerleader the kid out I get to be a godparent even if he misses my birthday.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

You must have found Maestro Cafe next door to Los Hermanos! Gio loves pistachio and I go for Strawberry or Hazelnut...which in reality is Fragola o Nocciola! That is our hang out...maybe we'll go today!
As for mexican food, I adore it!!! Only my family isn't to fond of it, but they well when I really insist!
As for sweating like a pig...well, I haven't been pregnant for a long time, but I know that I do sweat..but I like to call it sounds better even though it smells the same! *snort*
As for being your labor coach..I am here to help. Just call....or I can watch the kids or whatever!
Do you need anything while Brandon is gone?

Julie P said...

1. Cold. Get it? Ice cream = my weakness.
2. Oh, yes, how I love Mexican. Right now I'm hugely digging the #4 at Beto's.
3. Oh, yes, summer is not a glamorous season.
4. In a heartbeat. It would fulfill my dream of being a doula/midwife. ;)

FoxyJ said...

1. I love anything chocolate or hazelnut. Or grapefruit. That's a good flavor too.

2. I like most Mexican, especially the kind that is a little more authentic and fresh and not smothered in grease. But not so authentic as to include organ meat.

3. I'm a year-round sweater. Clinical-strength deodorant is my friend.

4. I would, but I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday morning.

With my daughter they discovered that she was breach on my due date, which was a Thursday. So they scheduled a c-section for the next Tuesday; that meant spending an entire weekend trying hard not to go into labor when I was already 40 weeks pregnant. And it was the end of July and hot.

Annette Lyon said...

1. Something chocolate, usually (shocker), often rocky road, but I also love anything amaretto or with pralines.

2. Yes. Somehow, chips and salsa tend to be my favorite.

3. I tend to be cold and wear sweaters and socks even in summer. But when I'm pregnant, I sweat.

4. Heck, yes. I'd so be there for you. But I hope for your sake, Brandon's the one at your side.

Michelle Walker said...

Sending you love from the eastern seaboard! My heart's desire is to get to Utah, soon. I love you and can't wait to see pictures of #5. Take care.

Tamra said...

1. Tiramisu gelato - I haven't had it in forever, but so good
2. LOVE mexican. dish preference - #1 Enchilada #2 Tostada #3 Burrito
3. I actually don't sweat much at all. Never been pregnant but assume I would sweat more if I was.
4. If I was in UT, I would definitely be your labor partner!

flip flop mama said...

1. Peanut butter cup
2. Yes. I eat it at least twice a week. I love me a good bean and cheese burrito from a taco shop or taquitos or carne asada burrito.
3. No and yes. I'm not a big sweater unless I'm pregnant. Then I sweat.
4. I would but I don't think I'd be much use since I'm 800 miles away.

nweames said...

Melissa & I (Natalie) Wankier love your blog, Steph told us to check it out. YOu have a gift for making mundane day to day life, interesting, hilarious, and/or thought provoking, depending on the post! Here's our answers
1. Loaded Butterfinger/Aggie Blue Mint (USU flavor)
2.Absolutely Stuffed Sopapillas (sp?)from Melina's
3. No, for me/ Not usually but I did with my #3
4.Yes, for Mel, but Natalie is bad luck. :) Or we'd both be willing to watch Steph's girls for her to be there.

Cheryl said...

I'm totally buying a transporter tomorrow...

YES! You are here! This brings me much joy.

Dude. You can be the godparent just by existing! But maybe seeing the kid first would be more kosher.

Yep! That was the place. :)

Julie P -
Who am I to ruin your dreams? Although you might regret it if it's 2AM... ;)

Organ meat. Ha! I'm with ya' there...and ooh --entire weekend in July at 40 weeks!? Blah.

I'm usually really cold, too. Obviously not while pregnant, as well.

Right back atcha! There shall be photos; no worries!

Oh, how I wish you were here! I miss you guys so much...

You can send me good karma/vibes/prayers from 800 miles away! That's almost as good as in person. Almost. :)

GET OUT! That is crazy that you are reading (both of you!) my blog. Thank you so much for the compliments. I'm feeling all squishy in the heart-area now. *sniff
Oh, and now I feel so much guilt. I haven't even had the chance to go visit Steph and see her new baby, yet. And now she's not so new! Sigh, sigh...

Stephanie said...

1. Kroger brand carmel praline. Yes, it has to be the stuff from Smiths.
2. Love it - Cafe Rio pork enchilada
3. Not too bad, I lose half my hair postpardom, instead
4. If my husband can handle that many hours hours alone with the kids. (and I'm totally with you on the men in the delivery room thing!)

Cardalls said...

1. can't do ice cream anymore due to digestive issues.
2. fave! all of it!
3. I tend to sweat a bit anyway...but when i am PG watch out! and it takes me about 6 months to get back to normal sweat production after the baby comes....i should buy stock in a deodarant company.

Alison Wonderland said...

1. New York Super Fudge Chunk, I've never had gelato.

2. Love it, except I'm not really a fan of beans so if I can get it without I'd prefer it that way.

3. I'm not really a sweater. Sorry.

4. I'm there. Right there. Seriously, call me I'd be good at it, I'm not even grossed out by blood and fluid and whatever.

hayngrl101 said...

1. Pistachio ice cream, hands down.
2. Love mexican! I like chicken en mole and Costa Vida burritos the best. Or other authentic stuff, too.
3. I start sweating when I'm a mile into my run. I don't sweat much otherwise, not even when I'm pregnant. But. I do get super-red in the face. I would rather sweat.
4. You don't need me cuz nothing is gonna happen until Daddy's done with finals!! :)

Good Luck!