Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Brain Dumping

*It's raining. I'm so glad! No need for the sprinklers to be working this week.

*Brandon is going to Paris today. As in France. As in the most romantic city in the world and he's alone. I almost feel more sorry for him than I do for myself --but not quite!

*Brandon and I have already decided that in May of 2011, we're goin' to Hawaii alone for a graduation celebration. What are the chances I'll be pregnant again by then?

*I love Macey's grocery store. I've never had a bad experience there, ever! The food is good, the produce is pretty fresh, the employees are polite and helpful, the sales are great, they bag my groceries and don't give me a nasty look for using paper, they always have free candies at the check-out for the kids (whoever thought of this is a GENIUS), and today they were passing out balloons. And they are closed on Sundays! My kind of grocery store, people.

*I'm so tired. Late nights and no naps have not been kind to me --and now I'm beginning to realize that I'm pregnant. I mean --it's starting to get hard, now. Not sick, no heartburn, no swollen feet or hands --just hard. I'm bigger. I'm tired. This realization is hard for me to accept because I was anticipating summer and hiking and picnics and camping's probably not going to happen in the way I want it, too. Have I just been in denial? Or kept the mentality that an August due date means the END of summer, when in reality August 2nd means I could actually have the baby in July? Crazy! I need to get crackin' --baby clothes, diapers, bassinet, car seat, etc. There's so much to do! And only...3 1/2 months to do it! Okay, I guess I have time...

*I've been crying everyday this week. Like sobbing crying, and silly crying, and the swelling of tears at random moments. It started Saturday during Conference and I can't seem to shut it off! The thing is, I'm really not that sad. Stressed, yes --frustrated, a tad. But not depressed or anything. The hormones have just kicked into overload, I guess!

*Anybody know a great recipe for Deviled Eggs?

*Okay, tell me your favorite color and flower. Ready...go!
(Why? I don't know. It's my brain dumping out random info, right? So, you can join me in the randomness!)


Julie P said...

I agree about Macey's. I LOVE it and only wish it was closer! The case lot sales, food storage-y items, everything I need to make perfect bread, nice people, free balloons for the kids, cheap ice cream cones ($1 buys 2 "smalls" which are HUGE). There are rumors swirling about one coming to Saratoga Springs. In my dreams!

Next time you start a cry session, call me. And hang in there. Hormones are rough!

Kim said...

Pregnancy Hormones are the worst! I thought I was going to loose all my hair when I was dealing with the lose of my mom plus being pregnate, NOT a good combo!

I don't use a recipe for deviled eggs just put stuff together until it tastes good! HAHAHA Maybe that is why Michelle is in charge of bringing them! LOL!

My Favorite color is Pink and my favorite flowers are Gerber Daisy's
LOVE the pink ones!

Michelle Walker said...

My favorite flowers are called, "fire-tipped" roses. That's when the color is really intense at the tip and then slowly fades down to the begining of the stem. I like the pinkish orange ones the best.

As for you missy, pregnancy hormones are no fun. I remember crying at commercials.

Julie said...

First off, cute wedding pic on your sidebar. Ca-ute.

Second, I love Macey's and Lee's.

Third, pink and lilacs.

Anonymous said...

I have a good deviled eggs recipe. I'll e-mail you.

My favorite color is green. My favorite flower is the tulip.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Maceys is the best. Purple is my fave. And so are tulips.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I cried all weekend, too. Stupid General Conference.

My favorite color is orange. My favorite flower is the tulip.

Amanda D said...

I didn't know there was a deviled egg recipe other than squirt in some mustard, mayo, salt and pepper and then top with paprika at the end.

My favorite flower is a tulip and right now, I'm in love with those warm orange-y ones.

Sorry you're so tired! I remember being exhausted during my second pregnancy. I'd put a movie in for the older two and sleep through the whole thing. Every day.

Courtney N said...

Maceys is what got me through college! They have the best deals! AND Ill be in Paris in a month!!

flip flop mama said...

Red is my current favorite color and my favorite flower is the fire and ice rose.

Sorry for the crying. Pregnancy sure does take a lot out of you!

Rebekah said...

Pink. Tulips. Or just pink tulips. They are nice together and separate.

My Grandma's deviled egg recipe is the BEST. If you haven't found a good one by the time you read my comment, email me and I will call Grandma and get it.

If Brandon weren't in Paris, I might feel bad for his single-ness too. But, you're right....he's in PARIS!

Ok, I could continue commenting for a while, but Jared is waiting to watch 24 with me so, the end.

Amber said...

Paris? Man, he does get some cool assignments, doesn't he? I'm so sorry for the tears. I was such a wreck when pregnant. I'd most commonly cry during commercials. No lie. Chin up, my dear! XOXO

Lizzie said...

* Favorite color: blue.
*Favorite flower: for years I said it was daffodils, and I still love them, but I found that what really brings a smile to my face is a great big gerber daisey. Hot pink is best, but any bold color is great.
*If it makes you feel any better, I found Paris to be disappointingly filthy. Lots of litter. But, then again, I may just have a tainted memory of the place. I bought my on-again off-again boyfriend of the time a souveniere there which he didn't thank me for and left in the car accidentally when I gave it to him, which caused me to throw it out the car window while driving down the highway in a fit of teenage rage. That's what I remember from Paris. Sad, right? Oh, wait, I remember kissing people on the Eiffel Tower, too. I guess that was cool.
*I don't know how you feel about hand-me-downs, but we do have a carseat and a bassinet, and I have some newborn diapers left over after Seth grew out of them, so those for sure we'll have to pass on to ya. Let me know if you need/want anything, really.