Wednesday, April 08, 2009

AI Results this week (top 8? Top 7? What do we call it?)

*Awesome! I just loved it at the beginning when they showed Frankie Avalon singing in the video and then he came out singing LIVE!
Oh, that was just a treat. I was grinning the whole time --I loved it! Hooray for Frankie Avalon!

*Whoah, how come it took me this long to realize that there are only two girls left?! Holy cow! Now I predict that Allison will be left for a while --probably like the Season Two Top Three with two guys and a girl.

*The group singing is so dumb. Why do they do it? Oh, yeah --so they have something to do together on tour...

*I liked what Danny said about how TV is different than a live show --it's like the difference between theater and TV (ummm...duh...) because in TV you can make mistakes and fix 'em for the final shots. Or do several final shots. What's also crazy is all the work that go into a 30 second (or less?) spot...

*Oh, Adam! I love the new look you've been sporting these last few weeks. You've kind of moderated it all --not too scary, not too clean (thank goodness). It's perfect!

*Anoop in the bottom three again! Darn.

*Who? And what's up with this re-make of Dead or Alive? It might be fun (it kind of is) if the girl wasn't wear turquoise spandex. And if the other girls were wearing clothes that covered at least parts of their bodies. See, now the main guy is wearing pants and a jacket. This is what my feminism HATES --men dressed like they respect themselves, and the women dressed like sluts. Where is their respect? I hate it. Hate. It. The blatant sexism! Oh, never mind, he took off his jacket. That's it --I'm fast-forwarding through this crap.

*Scott in the bottom three! Yay!

*Lil is FINALLY in the bottom three! YAY! I'm so over her. Blah.

*Kelly Pickler, eh? What is up with her trying to look like Carrie Underwood? Awkward. I've never really liked her --did she get a nose job? And she's actually singing flat...okay, I don't have time for this, either. Fast-forwarding.
Am I just being mean tonight? Oh, well.

*BLAH! I wanted Anoop to be saved! Not Lil --Lil is so...frustrating. And what they said to her last night about just pretending to be the different singers each night rather than herself? That was spot on! She's just a karaoke singer.

*Please be Scott...please be Scott...YES! It's Scott!! Phew! Well, it's about time, you know. Now, the question remains...will they save him? If they do, I will be so mad. So mad!

*Phew! Thank you, Simon for having a level head.

*Good-bye Scott! You're a great guy and I'm impressed with your musical talent --I can see you as the next Barry Manilow! (and that's not a bad thing, you know)

What did you think?


Michele said...

Yay, I am first. :)
I knew that Scott was going to end up being sent home, but I was still sad about it in the end. He is really good, but it was time for him to go. I have to admit that I enjoyed when Flo Rida took his jacket off, and I was disappointed that Kellie didn't sound as good live as she does on my ipod. LOVED Frankie Avalon. I was grinning too.
Next to go: Lil

Two and Two = Family said...

Fankie was great! I loved it! Flo Rida was amazing...I just ignored the girls in the back...when he took his jacket off...he is ripped! And Brian said..."look mom, if you're a black guy and a rapper you gotta have tattoo's!" On my...
I don't know about Kelli P's nose, but be her chest is larger!! She got a job on something. She will NEVER be like Carrie so she should stop trying!
Scott, Anoop and was obvious it would be Scott, and I'm really sad...but at the same time like Brian said (what smarts for a 10 yr old)..."he'll be on tour mom, and when he makes an album you can buy it."
Next week it will be Anoop or Lil...she was so smug when she was told she could sit down...maybe this scared her some and she will step up....or she can step out the door and leave....

flip flop mama said...

I'm glad to see Scott go. He has heart but this is a singing competition. He just couldn't keep up with the others. All he ever got was the charity vote. I hope Lil goes home next week. I totally thought Kelli was trying to be like Carrie Underwood too. She should just stop trying. And was she off key during parts of that song?

Lizzie said...

I'm really glad Scott is gone. Don't get me wrong, he seems like a very nice and very genuine person, and he can sing well enough. Not great, and certainly not in the realm of anyone in even the top 13, but he's inspirational, and star quality DOES count for something. But I think he's been patronized for a while now. A lot of his judges comments have just been crazy. If another singer gave the same vocal performances that he did, they would have been getting really bad critiques. It was time for him to go. I doubt he would want to stay on simply because he's The Blind Guy. But I say kudos to him for all he has accomplished in his life, for his positive attitude, and his bravery to go out and be a source of inspiration for anyone with a challenge in life. I may not like his singing or his style of music, but I like him. And I think he left the show with a lot of class.

Cheers to you, Scott. I'm glad you're gone, but I'm also glad you came.