Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots of Stuff Post. Lots and lots and lots...

#1 blowing out the candles on her cheesecake (on her actual birthday):

Some of the gifts she got at her birthday party today:

Cupcakes! (sorry, no shot of her blowing out the candles because it shows all of her friends and we say #1's name over and over. Just imagine it was fun.):

All of this was #1's idea --Earth Day for a Birthday! The girls decorated their own clay pots and then we planted some daisies in them. It was the perfect activity, and the perfect take-home birthday favor!

I'm leaving for San Francisco in the morning. [Thank you to Bekah and Jared (my SIL and brother) for watching the kids this weekend!]
Why am I going?
Brandon starts school on Sunday, and they are having a Partner Orientation, too. Since I'm his "partner," I decided I should be there. It's also nice to be going back "home" after a year of being away...
My crazy April month is finally starting to come to an end. I only have a few more big things to do until May 4th comes and relieves me from my chaos. Here's the list left to do:
*Go to San Francisco.
*Teach last week of piano lessons.
*Help put together awesome sharing station for Women's Conference (if you will be at Women's Conference next week, you will HAVE TO COME BY MY BOOTH! Well, it's not my booth, but I'll be there! I'll give you more details next week).
*Find babysitter so I can be at the awesome sharing station for Women's Conference (anyone wanna watch my babies from 1PM to 9PM?? Anyone? Anyone?).
*Change two piano lessons because of said awesome sharing station.
*Plan the meal and slide show for #1's Baptism.
*Have #1's Baptism.
*Get ready for piano recital.
*Have piano recital!
Then collapse with joy because piano lessons will be done, there are no family birthdays in May (except you, Tam! Didn't forget you!), and no big projects that I can think of...
I've been thinking a lot about the situation that happened on Tuesday (read here so you know what I'm talking about). Mostly, I've been pondering over the fact that I never felt prompted to go home.
I have mulled over and tried to remember my feelings to see if I had heard something or felt something or was told something about #3 needing me. But I didn't. I didn't feel anything in that way, actually. All I felt was elation that I was getting everything done so easily and quickly.
Why is that?
I have a few answers. My first thought was that Heavenly Father was very aware of #3 and of his plight --I have no doubt that He guided him home and made sure he was safe. I have no doubt that #3 was watched over and protected during the entire ordeal. In fact, my conviction of this is so strong that I made sure to tell #3 of it more than once this week.
The second thought was that I wasn't worthy or wasn't listening. Maybe I was so involved in my own day and my own rushing that I missed something. Did I miss something?
But I think it was the first thought. I do. Because I can't recall even an inkling, and I usually hear/feel those inklings.
On Thursday, I strapped #4 into the beco and walked to #3's preschool to pick him up. I wanted to know where he walked to make sure he really did know his way home. Before the kids came out, my friend Cristy mentioned that every day and every night she --and I would say all mothers do--prays that her children will be watched over and protected --especially when we can't be there to do it.
Those prayers work, you know.
When #3 came out, he was actually excited to walk home with me. I was so impressed with his memory and where he chose to cross streets (these streets are not busy, btw). I again told him how blessed he was and how Heavenly Father loved (and loves!) him so much and how He protected #3 from harm. I probably should have mentioned the Holy Ghost (in fact, I'm surprised it slipped my mind. Doh! I need to do that...), too. But it was a good experience for us both.
Katie, without knowing it, told me (via blogging) about Little Dorrit. I've been recording and watching it all month.
You need to watch it. Especially if you like Charles Dickens, or Jane Austen, or a good mystery, or some romance...
My SIL and Aunt ran a triathlon last month (earlier this month?). I wasn't there, but I heard they did great! I just wanted to mention it because combined with their awesome new hobby/skillz, The Biggest Loser, and my own memories of losing weight (and not to mention a few friends trying to lose weight, and a new blog reader who contacted me with the same desire), I'm already planning my postpartum-get-healthy attitude (notice I didn't say routine. I said attitude. Because routine comes only after attitude, people...).
Is it too early?
Probably. I should give birth first, for sure.
But I don't think it's EVER too early to think about being healthy. Thinking is good, you know. Very, very good...


tamrobot said...

speaking of birthdays, #1's present got sent late but it is on the way! Let her know she should be expecting something in the mail in the next week or so.

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

the party looks like it was fun. too bad that i don't have girls. we do pirates, etc.
have a great time in sf with your hubby. good thing your his partner! :]
i will have my #1 meet your #2 on sunday so she'll know who is coming to get her.
be safe and have fun!!!
And yes, you are very worthy....i think like you that the lord was watching over #3. like i told my #1 with the accident-the lord is mindful of us and our needs.

Cristy said...

Yes, I never stop those prayers! Heaven only knows the number of times my children's lives have been spared because of them! I on the other hand like remaining naively unaware and just keep praying.

Thanks for the Little Dorrit recommend! Added it to my summer nothing on TV list.

Amber said...

Sweetie, looking at that list makes me so amazed you are doing it all while pregnant. I hope you have a fantastic trip!

Amanda D said...

I think your May sounds crazy too. Good luck with it all!

Interesting thoughts about Tuesday. I think it's great that you are using it as a teaching moment, and I love that you realize that he was being watched over.

I don't think you run a triathlon -- you complete one; because, after all, you swim, bike and run. :)

Have fun in SF!!

Kim said...

As I read your blog this morning I was enjoying my 5 point breakfast of 2 kasi golean waffles, yogurt on top with fresh strawberries! Yummo! I did not do so well with the excersise this week, but alas it is a new week! I hope you had a grand time in SF! I am so glad #3 is safe! And yeah for birthday parties! Good luck with the rest of your list! BTW I would so help you out watching your kiddos....if we didn't live so far away!! :)

brenbot said...

Thanks for the shout out! We have our next triathlon this Saturday in Vegas!

Also I am still lagging on sending #1's birthday present. I felt awful for calling her on the wrong day and now this. Hopefully I can get her present mailed out before I leave on Thursday!