Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bear Lake Weekend

I'm really busy this week, as you know, dear reader. And so I'm going to do something I rarely do when journaling my life.
I'm letting someone else do it.
See, we went to Bear Lake last week (Thursday through Sunday) for our last big family vacation before Brandon starts school next week. We might be able to throw in a few camping trips here and there over the next 2 years, but they will only be over-nighters and local. Chances of us doing something big again before 2011 are very, very slim, so we took this opportunity quick! We invited our awesome friends to go with us (we vacation well together, their family and ours) and we're so glad they came!
I'm even more glad they already blogged about it. Ha!

So, go here to read about our trip to Bear Lake. Please note that most of the pictures are of them (obviously), and maybe when I have more time in the next few weeks I'll post some of ours. Until then, enjoy Ann's description of our weekend --and how #3 got lost! (yes, yes. We seem to lose him a lot, lately. *sniff)

And thank you, Ann! You're the best...

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Gio, Judi and Boys said...

seems like the vacation was a lot of fun and needed....hope all goes well these next few weeks....i won't be at the baptism because my #2 has his last soccer game that morning...hope it all goes well. i'm sure it will be wonderful!