Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AI: Rat Pack Era

Big Band. But with Jamie Foxx? Yeah, okay. I get it.

Kris: Ooh! I LOVE this song. LOVE it. With much LOVE. You know, LOVE.
And I LOVED Kris' version of it, too!
Hooray for Kris! That was fabulous.

Allison: Another favorite song. And Allison did okay --it wasn't the best song for her, but I think that has more to do with her style versus the style of the song. Because she sang really well, in tune, and it was well done, you know? The styles just didn't mesh perfectly --especially at the bridge. But the ending was fabulous! Good job, Allison!

Matt: Dude! They keep playing my favorite songs of all time! I guess they really are the "standards"...huh...
Jamie Foxx is a genius, you know. Matt sounds TONS and LOADS and MUCH better in his full voice --I have always HATED his falsetto. Hated it. But tonight? He did so good! It was great! But this was because he sang in his full voice. I don't care if he wasn't "as good" as the others at this point because he sang so well. Paula was right on --lowering the key was KEY.

Danny: Another favorite...and HOLY. CRAP. That was amazing! He was so good. Soooooo goooood. Better than Kris good, people. Sorry, but it's true. Yay, Danny! You sound like you did when we first fell in love with you back at the first auditions. Huzzah!

Adam: Holy Freakin COW! I want to see Adam in concert. He's brilliant. He. Is. Brilliant. There's nothing else to say, because like Randy, I sound like a broken record. Adam is the best. He deserves to win this whole thing (not that he will. I'm not sure --AI always has crazy twists and turns). He should win it. Love you, Adam!

Final Verdict: I have no idea who's going home. They were all awesome tonight! And Jamie Foxx is a freakin' musical genius. I've gotta give that man props for his talents and his amazing advice! He was right on...

What did you think? I've gotta watch Adam again, so see ya...


Amber said...

Has Jamie Foxx always been a singer? I know he did that one movie- and didn't he do his own singing?? But has he always been a singer? Wasn't he a comedian?

Cheryl said...

He was a comedian first and a singer next and then an actor. Or actor and then singer? Either way, he's a good singer, yes. :)

Never A True Aggie said...

I think Matt will be going home. They all did great though. Jamie Fox has played the piano since he was a young boy. He is classically trained, so I think he has an ear for what will work best.

I really like Kris. I can see myself getting his album. I can see him like a Jack Johnson kind of singer.

Adam is great, but I am getting over him a little. He does have the theatrics though.

What a good night. Now that it is getting close the talent is getting so good. I think this season has been one of the best talent wise.

Cardalls said...

Adam kind of scares me, but it's like a bad accident, I can't tear my eyes away from him. I don't love him..sorry.

GO KRIS! Love HIM! He is pretty easy on the eyes too :)

Danny was AWESOME! Really like him when he's on key and singing like that!

I think Matt or Allison are going home, not to say they aren't talented, but think it's probably Matt, I think he lacks the "it" factor that the rest of them have.

bythelbs said...

Matt was kind of off for me except for when he sang the big notes. But that first part was weird.

Adam was cool, but I have to go with Randy that it sounded just a little too Broadwayish. He looked like the cool villain in a show having his big number. That's supposed to be kind of a compliment.

I wasn't into Danny's at all. I don't know why. I was kind of bored, though the big finish was cool, I guess. I loved how Jamie stared intently at him and got all up in his face. That was fun.

Ann said...

I am soooo NOT in love with Adam. While he sang that song (one of my faves) well, I did NOT like that version at all. It was too all over the place. And does he HAVE to do that loud-wide-open-mouth-hold-the-note-out-forever thing EVERY time? Yeah, Adam, we know you can sing. Can you just calm it down a bit for such a beautiful son? Guess not.

I think Matt will go home. His voice isn't as good (consistently) as the others and he doesn't seem to exude confidence. I'll be sad if Allison goes home before him, but I think she'll probably be the one to go home next week anyway.

I like Kris and Danny best. Both are cute and both have voices that I would pay money for. Adam is definitely an entertainer, but I'm over him. He's still got that creepy factor.

Susan M said...

I'm still a huge Adam fan. Nice to see Danny kick it up a notch. Allison was good. The rest were boring.

I told my husband Adam inspires love or hate and that a lot of people don't like him. He said that doesn't matter, because the people who do love him will vote, vote, vote. He's the type who inspires votes.

I was thinking maybe Kris would win, but if my husband's right Adam will be a shoo-in.

Annette Lyon said...

Really tough call--there weren't any real train wrecks.

Adam is definitely safe.

Danny had several bad weeks, so going into this show, I was going to say he'd be in danger, but he rocked, so who knows.

Allison was probably the weakest (but even she was good). I'm thinking she might go home.

Matt is like Danny--had lots of bad weeks, but he's redeeming himself. It'll depend on whether the country is sick of him or gives him another chance.

I hope Kris is safe.

Julie said...

I thought this was Allison's first amazing night -- like as in "wow, she really had a moment and it made me have a moment" kind of amazing. I loved her song.

Matt's was just okay until the end and then it was awesome.

Kris's was great but not his best.

Danny was good for the first time in WEEKS.

Adam was not my favorite of the night. Weird, I know. But seriously, that swagger down the stairs did give me a shiver up my back -- in a totally "do that again" sort of way. There were just parts of the song that were slightly too theatrical for me. But man do I love him.

So, I think Matt will go home this week. I love the guy and love his music, but he's just been inconsistent lately....

Julie said...

Oh, and Jamie Foxx is seriously amazing. I've always loved his versatility. He really made a huge difference for some of the contestants.

And do you think Kris really got what an incredible compliment Jamie Foxx gave him???? He ought to put that one in his pocket.

Summer said...

Wait. Paula was,right,about something? Amazing!