Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Only Three Things To Do

That's it. Just three things.

1. The sharing station at Women's Conference on Thursday.

2. #1's Baptism on Saturday.

3. The piano recital on Sunday.

Unfortunately, each one takes 5 gazillion preparation activities.
5 gazillion.
I counted.
Michelle is moving this weekend...to Connecticut!!
I'm so sad. So very, very sad.
The worst part is that because I've been so busy this month and she's been so busy packing, I literally haven't seen my friend for weeks and weeks. And she lives just down the street! *sniff
I'm gonna miss you, Mrs. Walker. I'll come visit as soon as I can!
I've blogged about this before, but I will blog about it again:
When mom is calm and happy = the children are more obedient, calm, and happy
When mom is angry and yelling = the kids are hellions

My mantra for today: Be calm. Be happy. Love and serve...love and serve....love and serve....


Julie said...

You forgot about "Blog American Idol Recap" :)

Have fun with your "Just 3 Things" ---busy busy busy!

Annette Lyon said...

Hope you get at least 1 or 2 gazillion of those things done today.

flip flop mama said...

Hope you can get everything done!

Michelle Walker said...

We're really friends, aren't we? I don't usually do the "friend" thing very well--but for some unknown reason, I think you get me! We'll always be friends, though. We may not have wonderful gno's at Bombay House, but I'll always know what's going on with you, and you'll always know what's going on with me. Besides, Provo is a hub for LDS people. They always seem to end up back here at one time or another.

Izzy had an ear infection and fever on Sunday so I feel bad I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone, too. :(. Thanks for being such an awesome friend!!!

Anonymous said...


Cardalls said...

I am doing Women's Conference on Friday with my sisters and my #2 is getting baptized on Saturday in SLC with a cousin! good luck with all your prep work and hope it all goes well!

FluffyChicky said...

Yeah, good luck with all of that! You are one brave, determined woman.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Hey, I'll be at WC, too. Where will your station stuff be going on? Maybe I'll drop by and say hi!