Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have learned a great lesson, dear reader. The next time I hope for commiseration or sympathy, I'll just call a friend rather than ask for opinions on a blog.

All day yesterday, all I could think about was that damn dinosaur and how I'm the worst mother --EVER. I had nightmares all night about the stupid thing! I kept hearing things like "some little kid is bawling their eyes out because you took their dinosaur!" and I would reply, "Yeah, but it's small, and the tail is ripped off, and the kid will get over it!" and then I would hear "Well, you would never see ME doing something so dishonest and awful." And I would burst into tears (in my dreams) and swear that I was an okay mother!

It didn't help that my husband thought I should take it back to the office. He thought I should take the PIECE OF GARBAGE WE FOUND ON THE FLOOR back to the office. And he wasn't the only one who obviously felt that way (as you can see in the post).

I seriously woke up in sweats.

You could blame it on pregnancy hormones (I mean, I'm just about 21 weeks and it's getting harder to sleep comfortably --plus I can be irritable). Or guilt. Or feeling alone.

So, I called the doctor's office this morning. I told the receptionist that it would be a crazy call and I reminded her of the dinosaur. She remembered me. She laughed when I told her to call me if somebody asks for it. She thought I was CRAZY and INSANE for even thinking that someone would care about it. She was very kind, though. She said she's call if someone asked about it.

And so, my guilt is gone. But not my sadness.

And from this I have learned two things:
1. Go with the first instinct to leave the piece of garbage on the floor, or else you'll get massive judgements from strangers AND friends.
2. Don't blog about something stupid that feels emotional when you are pregnant. Because it will be both stupid AND emotional. Ooh! Ooh! Like this post!

The End.