Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AI Top 11

Okay, here are my thoughts:

Randy Travis! You know, I remember back when he was young and sexy. I loved that guy when I was a kid (and yes --I am a HUGE Country fan. Surprised? Don't be. I feel no shame in my love for Country music!).

Michael Sarver: I used to know ALL the lyrics to this song. I love Garth Brooks! I saw him live once...anyway...Michael? Meh. The harmonica soloist is kind of cool. Kind of. Okay, no it's not --I don't really like it because it's all random. And Michael was just okay. I agree with him that Country Music is about having fun --but I agree with Simon that you couldn't even tell what he was singing for the most part. So...meh. It wasn't a disaster, so that's good, right?

Allison Iraheta: I liked it. The only problem is that she should have made it less country and more rock --her voice is awesome and she seriously could sing anything! But she has a style and the country sound in the band was kind of weird to me. Loved it, though. Love her! I hope she makes it all the way to the end (at least Top 5).

Kris Allen: This song is important and very special to me, because it's Brandon's and my song! We danced to it at our wedding, and I'm very particular about versions of it. Judgemental? Yes. About a song that doesn't technically belong to me? Yes. But it means the world to me. So...with that in mind...OH! And just fyi --I love Adele's AND Trisha Yearwood's versions of this --not just Garth's.
Okay, now how did Kris do? He totally copied Adele!! Completely!! Sorry, Kris, but it wasn't YOURS, although you did sound awesome. Very awesome.
Amazing, actually.
I loved it.
Brandon, you wanna dance?

Lil Rounds: Martina McBride is brilliant, people. I saw her live, too, and the woman is phenomenal! I hope Lil can pull it off.
Hmmm...I think I know what's wrong --it's too legato. She's singing the verses the way she should just sing the chorus. Does that make sense? Because her chorus is actually pretty awesome. But the verses were uncomfortable. I think she had a hard time with this week just because it was out of her comfort zone, but she still did pretty good. Like Allison, she can probably sing anything and still sound good, you know? But it wasn't as good as Allison. I don't know. I still like her a lot, though...
Simon was right on. Sorry, Lil --he's right. Completely right.

Adam Lambert: Whoah! Adam has cleavage! Random. And very disturbing. Keep away from the V-necks, Adam!
Holy crap.
I can't believe I loved Adam Lambert. I can't!
But I'm tellin' you guys, I was mesmerized by this song --but what blew me away was his vocals. The man can SING. He has such an amazing range and it just blew me away --the schizophrenia from last week was gone and I could actually HEAR him sing. And realize --HE CAN! That was the strangest thing ever --becoming an Adam Lambert fan in two minutes!!
Sorry, Simon --but I disagree with you for the first time in a looooong time.
I still can't believe how much I loved it!
But not the cleavage. *snort

Scott MacIntyre: He sounds better in the lower range I've realized...he really does. But hey, I'm thinking this song was way better than last week. He's playing in a style that he would do if he made an album, you know? But he needs to stay away from the high parts because he goes flat. I love his piano playing, though, because I can't do that kind of playing (mine's all Classical and accompaniment and I can't improv at all!).
Not bad, Scott! Not bad.

Alexis Grace: I like Alexis --I like her voice. But I'm not sure her performance was very good. She was running out of breath (tempo too fast? Making it too legato?) and that high rif stuff she was doing didn't do her any favors. There was flatness going on, too. So, I don't know. Like Michael, it wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't perfect, either. Not sure. I still like her, though, so hopefully she'll be around to do better stuff...

Danny Gokey: I hate it when people try to do Carrie Underwood because she's so new. Not sure why I hate it, but I do. So sad that he was so nervous for Randy! But makes sense --I would be so nervous singing for ANYONE, let alone someone famous! The verses weren't that hot --kind of boring (but most country verses are, eh? There's never much to work with in country verses, except for the words. That's just how it is!). The chorus was pretty good (except "Road I'm on" --the first one --was flat). But the end was awesome.
Not bad, not bad. Not amazing, either, but his chorus was good. I like Danny, too --I'm hoping he stays, even though this week wasn't as fabulous.

Anoop Desai: I LOVE this song. Always have. But will Anoop deliver?
Oh, man.
I'm melting. Kris made me melt, and now Anoop has done the same thing. I would buy this song. I would buy it! I still might on itunes!
YAY ANOOP!!! YAY! I loved it. Oh, sigh, sigh, sigh. It was wonderful! Beautiful! So beautiful. Sigh...
This night just keeps gettin' better and better and better!! Simon is right on! Anoop deserves to be here. I'm nearly giddy!
Have I ever mentioned how attracted I am to men of Indian descent? Hmm? If not, I think you've figure it out just now...

Megan Joy: They took out her last name, eh? Interesting...Okay, I love Megan's voice. Adore it, really. I've said before I like it because she sounds so much like Adele, you know? I like her dress except for the turbo-boobs thing she's got goin' on. What is that about?
Not bad, not bad! Kind of boring, but the ending was really good. It just didn't blow me away. But it was another NON-disaster, for which I'm really glad! And it WAS better than last week, and that makes me even more glad, because I also want to see more of Megan. She has the flu? I like it when they tell us about the contestants being sick because it is sooooo hard to sing while sick and there really needs to be some leniency in something like this when you are sick, you know? In the hospital?!
Wowzahs. She did do good for that! Holy cow!

Matt Giraud: Man, this guy sure can play piano. And I know last time I had totally forgotten that he was a dueling piano guy...(insert sheepish grin here). Anyway...He did a good job! Except for the flat ending note (OUCH), he did fabulous. I love his voice and the way he performs. I know everyone keeps talking about how he's so much like Justin Timberlake, but I think he's more like Billy Joel, which is saying A LOT. He rocks! It wasn't my favorite, though --but it was still pretty darn good.

This was awesome. This was why I watch American Idol, and up to this point I've been soooooo disappointed in the performances. But tonight? Boo-yah!

Who will go home?
It's between Michael and Scott

Am I right?
Who cares anymore, eh?

What did you think?


Janelle said...

Oh I hated Adam tonight. Alex made me turn him off he hated it so bad. We love Johnny Cash though so it was too crazy. For some reason the only thing that kept popping into my mind during his performance was the black cat headstone Susan posted on her blog.

I did love Megan's song though. And maybe because she was sick she did less hula dancing which I appreciated.

I agree with your choices of who should go home.

Julie said...

I still know all the words to that Garth song.

I'm so glad you loved Adam tonight -- I thought he was in a completely new zone that was amazing. One of the most original, current, amazing performances in AI history. And that's coming from a Johnny Cash fan. That was phenomenal.

I, too, loved Kris, Anoop, and Matt. Billy Joel is a good comparison. I like it.

I think it'll be Michael tomorrow.

And isn't this an awesome season? Seems to get better every year lately. Thank goodness.

Oh, and one more thing -- I feel really bad for Taylor Hicks and how they always use him as the "we've come a long way" example. I really liked him.

veronica said...

I think that tonight Adam Lambert managed to deliver the creepiest 90 seconds of television ever. I felt like he undressed 20 million viewers with his eyes. I can't stand that guy and his Fall Out Boy haircut, and he keeps not giving me reasons to like him.

On the positive side, I thought a lot of people did really well. Matt is my favorite for now I think, because his performances lately are the ones that I want to hear over and over. But I also really loved Kris and Anoop. I'm so nervous for whoever gets kicked off tomorrow, because of the tour and all. But everyone's making this season really fun to watch!

Sara said...

loved kris and megan and allison.
i'm still on the fence w/ adam.

apparently megan didn't want to use her ex's last name. (my mom told me that) i wondered about that, too. i love her and gotta root for the UT girl!

Susan M said...

I'm downloading Adam Lambert and Anoop's performances right now. I think Adam's performance was the coolest thing I've ever seen on AI. I realize a lot of people will hate it...but man, his voice. And I *love* weird stuff like that.

The only version of "Make You Feel My Love" I know is Adele's (I'm really out of it as far as popular, modern country goes), and I thought Kris did a pretty good job. But he's no Adele.

I think Michael's going home.

Amanda D said...

Are you telling me I should have watched AI? I LOVE, love, L.O.V.E. Randy Travis. My all-time FAVORITE singer. What did he do on there? What did I miss?

Summer said...

Last night was the first night I watched the show all the way through. I had seen Adam before and didn't care for him just based on his appearance.
But I agree with you that his rendition of Ring of Fire was incredible. He totally modernized it and made it freaky rockish (like Randy said, Nine inch Nails meets country). Though the sound was a little fraeky and I'm still trying to decide if I liked it I think his vocals were incredible.

Annette Lyon said...

Wasn't Adam amazing?! I know!

I think Scott is totally safe. People love him.

I *wish* Lil would be in the bottom three, but she's got a Fantasia-like fan club, so it's unlikely.

Alexis and Allison might be up for elimination, though. I didn't hear Michael's performance, so I can't say there.

Anonymous said...

I thought Adam was awesome in a "Wow that was super-freakish and bizarro, and holy cow, that was wickedly weird and cool!" sort of way. It was just so interesting. And odd. And fascinating. And totally strange. I still prefer Mr. Cash's version, but that was an unforgettable AI experience. In so many ways. WHAT was he smokin'?! What was I smokin'?! Trippy!

Anyone catch Mr. Travis' little eyebrow thing when he was mentoring Kris? That was our rewind moment for the night. Hilarious. I think Randy Travis seems like a super cool, nice guy.

tamrobot said...

my opinion on best to worst performances from last night:


What was up with Make you feel my love being credited to Garth Brooks? its a freaking Bob Dylan original.

Band was a lot better tonight. I think I've decided on my favorites style-wise - Anoop, Kris and Megan in no particular order. Alexis is up there too, at least when she's good. I thought she was horrible last night. Like so bad I had to turn the volume off.

I also really don't like Matt's vocals. Which is a shame, because I love his piano playing. I'm pretty sure his performance was good so I left it up pretty high, but blech, I do not like it. I wish he would sing a lot more simply and not do all kinds of runs and stuff.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oh, Anoop! *swoon*

Never A True Aggie said...

Hmmm. I had mixed feelings about last night. I actually didn't like many of them. I thought that many people think that country music is so easy to sing, but in reality it is really hard, if done well. I think Anoop did the best. Adam...hmmm. Interesting. I can understand his wanting to rock it up, but then I agree with Simon that it was a little indulgent. Megan..I just don't get her. I thought she was pretty flat, although I guess she was sick. Her boobs were distracting too. The dress was not proportionate, so it made her boobs look way to big. Scott was good, but way to "nice" and safe. He needs to amp it up if he is going to be different then like "1985" piano guy. He needs to listen to more recent artists and emulate them. He also needs to do something with his hair. I know you like it, but I keep thinking...Dude, you are blind, so you don't know, but it looks too juvenile. I know. It seems mean, but someone needs to give him a makeover, otherwise he will not be marketable to people in the younger age range.