Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AI Top 11 Results

  • Those songs are TOTALLY dubbed. Even Scott's piano playing. I mean, I'm sure Scott is actually playing the song, but it's not miked, you know? And Allison forgot the words! Ha! But you know, that's good --they have so much to do already, I think it's great they just have to make it look good and not ALSO sound good on these group songs. I'd rather they sound good on their solos, so it works out just fine, in my opinion.
  • I want to have a water balloon fight!
  • I love how they're showing the after-the-show-behind-the-scenes stuff --it's awesome to see all the love. I'm a sucker for love!
  • Dude! What's up with all the tenderness? I swear I'm gonna cry...
  • Poor Megan Joy and her sickness. :(
  • I love Brad Paisley. And his wife. And his guitar skillz. And his song-writing skillz. And that's all. His music (along with Garth Brooks, Martina McBride, George Strait, Collin Raye, etc.) reminds me of high school (even though he didn't make it big until I was in college). Country music for this small town Idaho girl? Yeah, it pretty much defined my life. Except for the riding of horses and livin' on the farm. I just knew people who did and dated guys that did, know what I mean? Yeah --it was the life!
  • Holy cow. I'm sooooo glad it wasn't Adam in the bottom three! I can't believe how much I like the guy now. It's a complete 180, people! And I feel quite weird about it --almost guilty? Because now I find him sexy. What is my problem? Hormones? Pregnancy? Emotional outbursts about dinosaurs in waiting rooms? Either way, I'm likin' him.
  • Oh, that Carrie Underwood is so good. I think it's awesome that she gets to sing her "cover" with the original! And I loved how Randy smiled at Carrie when she hit another high note --and it's interesting how much Randy has aged. I know I mentioned it before how sexy Randy Travis was years ago, and it makes me sad to see him getting old. But we all get old eventually, right?
  • Alexis? Really!? Oh, I'm so sad! I loved Alexis' voice and I'm so disappointed it wasn't Michael that left. *sniff! Not fair! But hey --I'm still VERY glad the judges have saved their one and only vote for later.

What did you think?


Julie said...

I missed everything but the results. I was sad it wasn't Michael, but knew they wouldn't save Alexis -- it's just too early in the competition and I think she knew it. Her song was even worse tonight which is too bad. She was definitely better than Sarver. Even his wife knew it -- did you see her face when Ryan said Michael was safe? Awesome. I think we have ourselves a Kristy Lee Cook for the season and his name is Michael.

tamrobot said...

i think they should've saved alexis. she performed horribly on jolene, but all of her other performances were really exceptional. It was just a really bad song and arrangement choice for her. Out of the remaining girls, i think she was the only one that could have realistically won the whole thing. Michael or Scott really should have been the ones to go based on overall performance. oh well.

Susan M said...

I'm glad they didn't save Alexis. She was good but she's not gonna win the contest. I do think Michael should've gone home this week, though.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm a big fan of Brad Paisley (and his wife), so I loved seeing him.

Randy Travis is getting older...and I am sad too. But he's still so attractive (mostly in attitude and VOICE). And I caught the smile he gave Carrie too, so much like a proud Papa. :)

Alexis instead of Michael? Weird. Oh well.