Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've Come a Long Way...

Well, dear reader, I've come a long way.
I think.
I mean, something like the "Dino Drama" (and I have dubbed it the "Dino Drama" and it will now and forever hereafter be referred to as the "Dino Drama" because this is exactly what it was, you know --Drama about the Dino --and so it only makes sense we refer to the "episode" I experienced as the "Dino Drama", capische?) would have completely thrown me into a tailspin and I wouldn't have blogged for days. I would have wallowed in despair and depression for days on end and I would have seriously been in a Depression-induced Funk.
And yet, instead...?
I wrote a very whiny and drama-filled post. You read it, right?
And then what?
I moved on.
Almost immediately, too. I didn't avoid phone calls, and I didn't avoid emails. I talked about it and laughed at myself. I even talked about it at therapy last night and here are some things we talked about:
*My consistent need for other people to like me.
*My inability --in this instance --to content communicate. I had asked for opinions. I got opinions. But I didn't want opinions! So what I should have said was: "Hey guys, I did this thing, I still feel guilty, but it's not the end of the world, right? Please tell me I'm not a bad person!" Then I would have gotten exactly what I wanted, eh? So, why did I ask for opinions instead?
Why, indeed?
*How something like this could have sent me into a tailspin three months ago (which I mentioned).
So, there you go. Whether you care or not, I'm glad I had this experience. I mean, personally, I'm sick of "Dino Drama" and "Cheryl Drama" and "Being-all-weird-about-stuff-that-doesn't-matter-in-the-eternal-scheme-of-things Drama" and yet this is something about myself I need to accept and then move on. Which I think I'm finally learning to do!
Beautiful pictures of spring and summer (from 2008 --and our camera) to get me in the mood (because Spring is HERE!):

May/June 2008:

July 2008 (Waterton!):

August 2008 (Mt. Timpanogos):


Anonymous said...

I've been calling it the Dino Incident, but Dino Drama has that nice alliteration thing going for it.

Beautiful pictures.

Julie said...

A long way, indeed, right?! Celebrate!

Dino Drama is such a cool name for it and you'll forever have it in your arsenal of seasoned mom stories to tell!

Your photos are gorgeous and we are LOVING spring.

Cardalls said...

Good for you for moving on! Love the photos and MISS Utah springs SO much!

blogging and bliss~ said...

I didn't comment on the whole Dino drama stuff because I have been there on both sides. Said ehh what ever take it... and told the kids to put it back... It is life, stuff like that happens. I am glad you are doing so well.

Michelle Walker said...

Love ya Cheryl! You know how to own it, you ROCK!

Janelle said...

I hate unsolicited advice.

But I really hate when I solicit advice and then I realize I didn't really want their advice but a listening ear.

There are some people that I have singled out for obtaining advice from. They always show up just when I need them miraculously.

But, I have been criticized for not taking the unsolicited advice more seriously. I have a hard time looking/being sincere when I receive unsolicited advice. I need to work on that because sometimes the advice is right on.

Alison Wonderland said...

And all I want to comment are the bleeding hearts that you took pictures of and how jealous of you I am and how I WILL have bleeding hearts in my yard somewhere this year. And I love you.

The end.

Cheryl said...

Alison, all bleeding hearts and fun-looking yards in the pictures are my parent's. Not mine! Now you need not be jealous of me. Just them.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You are so teachable...I love that about you. And these pictures are making me wanna go hiking!

brenbot said...

For what its worth, I found a toy dinosaur at an arcade a few months ago and I took it.

I even have a picture of it sitting on the dash of my friend's car while we were driving home from the arcade.

It is now sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. I felt no regret then and feel none now.

Just enjoy life sister!

Susan M said...

I'm pretty sure I didn't comment on the dino thread. I thought to myself, "I wouldn't have taken it," but then I saw all these other people commenting about how they wouldn't have taken it and I thought, "Cheryl doesn't really want to hear that," and then I thought, "I probably *would* have taken it and not thought a thing about it," and then I couldn't think of anything to write, because I really couldn't decide if I would have or not---my kids are teenagers now, it's just not an issue for me---so I didn't comment.

I also thought about commenting about the time last year my daughter found $100 on the street. She wanted to turn it in, but where? It was on the sidewalk with no obvious place that it could have come from. I told her to keep it. And she did.

Actually, I think I told her to ask her dad what she should do, and he said to keep it, but I can't really remember.

And now you know why I wasn't going to comment. I would have rambled on and on.

m_and_m said...

Progress is what it's all about.

And girl, you are tearing it up in the progress department!

Seriously. You are inspiring me. Keep it up.

Kim said...

Well you already know I think your fabulous! And you already know how I feel about the non-issue of the dino-drama, so now my dear friend I must know 1) how do you seem to accomplish so much in one day &
2) how did you get your pictures to line up side by side like that?