Friday, March 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Plans Before I Can Embrace the Weekend:
*Clean the house (isn't this always in the plans somewhere?)
*#1's SEP (student/educator/parent) conference
*Put together centerpiece for ward dinner I'm not attending
*Drop off/pick-up #2 --Birthday party
*Say good-bye to Brandon (he's off to San Fran for a day)
*Practice the piano
*Write (and do a jig because I just got invited to be included in a critique group!!)
*Verify babysitter for Saturday lunch (old buddy comin' into town!)


And now --just for kicks --here's something that never gets old and always makes me happy:


Julie said...

I have to admit, I was hoping this was going to be a video of Napoleon Dynamite's dance at the assembly. THAT never ever ever gets old to me.

You have an awesome Friday planned! My parents are coming to visit and spend the night. I'm looking forward to it and they're even going to tend so Stanton & I can go out to dinner. Free babysitting is always appreciated!

I'm excited for Monday!

Julie said...

Oh, and could his outfit BE any more awful?????

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Homework, homework, and housework. Great times. ;)

Cheryl said...

Julie --Wait, what? You don't LOVE the tight jeans?? *snort
Truth be told, though, when he sings? Doesn't matter what he's wearing. Steve's amazing!

Good luck with all the homework! And housework, too, of course. :)

Amanda D said...

What critique group did you join? Annette's? That's awesome, congrats. I can't wait to read a book of yours!

Before I can enjoy the weekend, I must get through the day. I need to clean the house, wrap presents, frost a cake, throw a party with several 7-8 year old boys and make the birthday boy's dinner of homemade chicken nuggets. Too bad we don't have anything fun planned for the weekend!

Cheryl said...

Oh! No, no, no, no --they are all professional AND published (many times over!) --it was most definitely NOT Annette's group. But I'm flattered you would think so! It's just a group of newbie writers --the one who invited me is a friend I met at the BYU writer's conference last year...

Good luck with the birthday party! I'm sure it will turn out awesome. :)

Annette Lyon said...

Yay, critique group!!!

Annette Lyon said...

(Oh, and thanks for the video--I LOVE Journey!)

Susan M said...

Oooh yeah, Journey! Junior High baby!

You know the story of how they found their new singer on youtube, right? And he sounds as good as if not better than Steve. Amazing.

Cheryl said...

I had heard Arnel before --I didn't realize they picked him as their new lead singer, though! In a way I think it's odd --he sounds so much like Steve it's kind of creepy...and kind of weird. But what could Journey do? When all you're known for his Steve Perry's voice (at least when it comes to immediate recognition), how can you switch it up completely? It would be like Bono leaving U2 and they decide to pick someone else as lead singer.

Who the heck could you possibly pick??

Anonymous said...

Look at Steve workin' the animal print woman's tee and mom jeans!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Michelle Walker said...

Cheryl, I'll TOTALLY pack you in my suitcase and take you to The Land! I can't promise you won't be tucked away by the socks, though. :)

Alison Wonderland said...

Good luck with that list. have fun with your friend and I'm incredibly jealous of your critique group.