Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laugh and Garden

Brandon sent me this. If you know my husband, you will know why I laughed --out loud! I LOL'd all over this one --for at least 2 minutes or more:

I went grocery shopping this morning. I enjoy grocery shopping with only one child (#3 was at preschool), and I really love our Macey's (not to be confused with Macy's). Today, they had this great kiosk with flower seeds on it, and I went totally crazy, dear reader.
I bought loads and loads of flower seeds.
And loads!
And not the annuals, oh no! I'm onto the annuals. What is up with annuals? What is this idea that I have to re-plant every year? Who came up with this? I bought only perennials, and lots of them are a variety of daisies, which are my favorite flower (I have Shasta Daisies in my yard that we planted back in 2003? that are still blooming each year). I got so excited!
And then I came home and realized I will have to plant them.
And maintain them.
And I will be having a baby this summer.
Why do I do these things to myself?! It's like the bulbs I bought last fall that never got planted, or like the time Brandon bought me a lilac bush we never planted, or the other time I just "forgot" to weed --only this time, I'm determined to do something different --I'm actually going to plant these seeds. I will plant them if it KILLS me. Because I'm in need of some gorgeous beauty around here! And with my youngest child now over 2 years old, I can have him in the yard with me without freaking out that he might eat mud (he might try it, but he won't swallow it now). So, I can do this, right?
Tell me I can do this!

Also, dear reader, look for some future posts where I moan that I don't know how to garden (because I really don't). This is going to be my practice year. By next summer, I'm hoping to have vegetables! Yes! This whole I-kill-every-plant-I-touch is getting old and I'm tired of using it as my excuse/justification for not planting a garden. I want a garden! Because I love gardens! I love the smells, and the beauty, and the deliciousness. Heck! I may plant strawberries and fruit trees and peppers and kale! Does kale grow in Utah? Have I eaten kale this year? Hmmm...

Do you garden? Does it come easy for you? What is your advice (any of it!) about planting perennial flower seeds outside?


Julie P said...

You can do it! Gardening is so much easier than people think. I just love it. Advice for planting your seeds? Wait awhile. Bummer, huh? At least until mid-May here. Our garden was lame last year, with Ainsley's arrival. But we still had enough to eat and some to can, so that's good.

Annette Lyon said...

That comic is AWESOME!

And no, I can't garden. Some day I'll learn. I wish I would have paid attention as a kid, because Dad was a serious gardener.

Cardalls said...

i love to garden...but i live in the land of nothing grows well unless you spend everyday nurturing it and it's too blasted hot and everything burns up. and i don't have time for that because i live in the time of life that 4 children need nurturing everyday. i wish i was your neighbor and could show you how to garden....sigh.

flip flop mama said...

That comic is hilarious!!

I wish I had somewhere to garden. I'm thinking of doing the square foot garden thing on our porch, but I have to be motivated for that. lol We'll see. Good luck!

bythelbs said...

What is this planting of which you speak? Seeds? Gardens? Hmmm...not ringing any bells. Good luck with that.

That's a classic Dilbert. Classic

Lizzie said...

I HATE to garden, and I SUCK at it, so the feeling is obvisouly mutual. But I LOVE daisies as well... do they grow well in Utah? No that you've mentioned them, I kind of like the idea of having daisies in my yard.... I guess I'll have to start buttering Wayne up to do all the work on this one.

Oh, and that comic is CLASSIC. I'm showing it to Wayne tonight.

Amanda D said...

I love the Dilbert strip. So funny.

The good thing about planting loads and loads of seeds is that there wont be room for weeds to grow. ;)

I'm hoping to grow a garden too. I'd stay away from fruit trees if I was you though. I hope to do strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins and squash.

earlfam said...

I garden, but I live in Las Vegas. So I don't actually get crops of things, I just get a few beans, or a few peas or strawberries. I don't spray with chemicals and I don't have a pet. So I just go outside and pick and eat. I rarely share with the fam. It's my garden and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Alison Wonderland said...

Daisy seeds you should just be able to rake in, I wouldn't worry about making a big deal of planting scatter them and then rake them in, it should be cute and haphazard.

Don't buy vegitable seeds, just go buy vegitable plants when they come in season. Get some tomatoes and maybe some peas or whatever you want just be sure to get some squash and zucchini. ANYONE can grow squash and zucchini so even if everything else dies you can look out and see your robust and healthy squash plants and be proud of yourself.

And you are so right about the annuals!

Cheryl said...

Alison, what is this? You garden? You know about gardening!?
Figures. You rock at everything else.

Maybe I could have a Gardening Blogging Party. Those who garden will help me plant, and those who don't like to garden can stand around and laugh at us. And I would serve food. It would be awesome!