Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI: Top 13 Results Show

My Thoughts:

  • New Rule: Judges Save, eh? Interesting that they can't save anyone after the Top Five and they only get one save. Pretty fair, though! Can't abuse it, you know...and I like it because I agree that many fabulous contestants were voted off way too early in years past (cue the hypocrisy laughter since I never vote!).
  • The house? Ummm...Economic Crisis, anyone? Did the producers think about that at all??
  • The choreography on the medley they sang was...awkward. Hey, do they pre-record what they're singing? I'm thinking they do, because they sound way too good to be live. Is that rude? I mean, I saw an American Idol tour live once, and it wasn't that great, you know (wasn't awful, either...just wasn't...great).
  • Ha! Megan did the wiggle in the Ford commercial, too.
  • Michael is safe?! Ah, jeeze...
  • Jasmine in the bottom 2 makes sense.
  • Megan in the bottom 2!?!? Oh, I'm sad. *sniff --Wait, she's safe? Way to yank our chains, people. I'm glad Jasmine is going (unless the judges save her) --I don't want to hear her sing again...pardon me while I fast-forward...And I'm glad she's going and is not saved. Like the judges would save someone this early!? Not even.
  • You know, until tonight, I thought Kanye West was spelled Kayne. Huh. And I used to have a jean jacket --remember when those were so popular? Are they coming back? Have they been back for a while? I swear, I'm just getting old. Or senile. Probably just senile.
  • Okay, next bottom two: ANOOP! Well, I'm not surprised, although I love that boy. And...Jorge. As if we didn't know it would be Jorge! I mean between him and Lil?! Duh.
  • Okay, and who is saved...? Aw, suck! We have to wait?!
  • Oh, Kelly. I like her. Is it wrong to notice her weight gain? Just say yes. Because it is. Because it doesn't matter. But man, oh, man! I love her voice. I've always been a Kelly Clarkson fan --since the beginning! She's awesome. And honestly? I think she's still the best AI winner --out of all 7 years. Maybe this is because she's been popular for all 7 years without any kind of hiatus? Or maybe because she's consistently fabulous? I mean, Carrie Underwood is amazing, too (in fact, I can see Carrie being just as popular and long-term as Kelly), but I guess Kelly has just been around longer. Anyway...
  • Anoop is safe!! Oh, you beautiful boy. Just sing something good next week, okay?!
  • And, good-bye Jorge. Bythelbs hates your eyebrows, and now they bug me, too (thanks a lot, Bythelbs! I would have been ignorant, but now they will haunt me forever! *snort).
  • Dude! I guessed both people --Jorge and Jasmine. Am I Crazy? Or simply full of awesomeness? You decide...


flip flop mama said...

Full of awesomeness, of course. And hooray for sending Jorge home. I don't think I could listen to him again.

bythelbs said...

OK, I checked out Anoop's eyebrows last night and they've got nothing on Jorge's.

I think it's lame that the save is only good until the top 5. They should be able to use until the top 4, then just have a double elimination the next week to determine the finals. I missed the first half of the show. Dumb DVR recording other shows that aren't even really there.

Julie said...

1. Didn't a lot of those shocker contestants go home as a top 5er? That was the one thing I thought was odd.

2. The house! Crazy, I thought the same thing. And Adam saying that was why he was doing AI was classic.

3. The choreography is awkward because of Scott and I know I'm being completely and utterly un-PC by saying that, but let's just call a spade a spade, okay?

4. Kanye west was pretty sucky. I sat there thinking, "if he'd been a contestant, he'd be getting ripped apart right about now."

5. We fast-forwarded Jasmine, too.

6. Anoop, duh. And SO Zach Braff.

7. We noticed Kelly's weight gain, too. At least she's not getting sucked into the Hollywood skinny vortex, though, right? And that outfit did her no favors.

8. Goodbye Jorge. I will not miss that voice or those eyebrows.

You are definitely awesome. We have our fingers on the pulse of America, I tell ya.

Susan M said...

I haven't wanted to say anything, but Jorge creeped me out, with his crazy-eyes and bobbing head.

The save thing I think is pretty stupid, but I appreciate that they're shaking things up. They've never shown where the contestants live before, have they?

Cheryl said...

Actually, they have. I remember in Season Two they showed the house a lot, actually...

You're right! Daughtry, Tamayra, Jennifer --they all were in the Top 5. However, I can't remember if Johns was...

madhousewife said...

I enjoy Carrie Underwood so much that I forget she is a former AI.

It's odd that I should talk about enjoying Carrie Underwood "so much," because I probably couldn't name a song of hers if you put my feet to the fire...but every time I see her, I think, "I enjoy you, Carrie Underwood." And I don't think about her being on AI. Because I've only seen AI, like, twice, and it was during Season 1.

Yeah, I'm just jealous that I have nothing else to contribute here. Also, I felt like talking about Carrie Underwood. I might have a girl crush on her.

malinda said...

I have to agree with the ones that got kicked off. Congrats on your hubby going back to school. Just don't cook the days his traveling. That's what I did. (I miss it)

Cardalls said...

I didn't get a chance to watch but agree that both needed to go. Jasmine has talent but is too young and Jorge...well I agree about the eyebrows.

And I think Carrie Underwood will have the staying power like Kelly, I love them both!

Michele said...

I totally think their group performance was pre-recorded. When they were "singing" it and they did a close up on Jasmine I thought, wow she totally looked like she was lip synching, and not well.
I called the 2 going home also. I think it was just really obvious. You know? Like there was a possibility it was going to be anyone else. Like when they did Anoop and Jorge anyone was really thinking, oh no I think Anoop is going home. Seriously?
I'm glad they didn't waste their saves on those 2. The should have gone home and they need to save that for later in the game.