Wednesday, July 25, 2007

American Idols LIVE!

Yesiree, folks, the hubby and I just got back from the American Idols Live Tour Concert in San Jose.

We took his cute cousins (ages 14 and 15), and they were quite excited about the ordeal.

Our seats were in "nosebleed", but it was all good.

Best songs: Jordin's "I (who have nothing)"; Blake's "You give Love a Bad Name"; Melinda and Jordin singing "This will be..."; Phil and Gina singing "It's Your Love" and Lakisha's "I Will Always Love You".

Best time: All 5 guys playing their "band": Chris N. on guitar, Blake on guitar, Phil on keyboards, Chris on drums, and Sanjaya on the tambourine. They rocked the place --seriously, they were great!

Worst songs: Sanjaya singing a Michael Jackson piece; Hayley singing, well, anything.

Worst time: Crazy 9 and 10 year olds behind us screaming all night long. Talk about a headache ("We didn't come to hear you scream, you delinquent children!")

All in all, it was pretty fun and great to be there.

We topped the night off with ice cream at Cold Stone. DH and I shared some sorbet. We rock!

Total lost for me: 4.6 pounds
Total lost for DH: 10 pounds


brenbot said...

thats not an additional 10 pounds that DH has lost, is it? If not, you are catching up to him!

are you going to be dieting at lopez?

Cheryl said...

Oh, heavens no! He only lost .8 this last week for a grand total of 10. My grand total is the 4.6. :)

Yes, we will still be eating our points at Lopez. I don't like to think of it as "dieting", because we're both determined to make this a life-long thing.

Rebeccah said...

WOW Awesome! Hey this is Rebeccah we meet at Playgroup.

Jamie J said...

Awesome!! As you know I LOVE American Idol. DH, me and my mom went last summer and boy was it the best thing ever!! Glad you had fun!

Cheryl said...

Hi! Glad you found me...make sure you go to playgroup tomorrow morning; there should be tons of people there (if you get there by 11AM :) ).

Where did you have tickets? I mean, how close were you? It was kind of hard because we were so far up, but it was still totally worth it...

janelle said...

How did you not invite me to this concert???

Cheryl said...

Sorry! :)
We had 4 tickets, and his cousins in Dublin are huge fans --we had to take them!

Amanda said...

You are so brave. I couldn't do it! All those "tweens" would make me crazy!

Congrats of the weight loss. Your doing great! Once I am in Oregon, I plan to buckle down and follow your lead. Do you really get up everyday at 6 to work out? Not sure I can do that, but I am gonna try!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Hello there! I dropped by your blog from somewhere else and stayed to read about American Idol. Lucky you. I miss the TV show each time it's off for the summer.

Didn't realize there was a Dublin in Oregon as well as in Ireland. They share the same green wetness.

Talking of wetness--I started a Water Wisdom campaign on my blog yesterday. All are welcome to join in. Hope to see you there.

Oh yes, and I also have a great "Spotlight the Youth" contest running until end of August. Great prizes, and not many entries as yet.

Amber said...

Good for y'all on your diet! Though I can't say the same thing about attending American Idols LIVE. :-)

Cheryl said...

Ahh, the tweens were nutso. But it was worth hearing Jordin sing live. Can I say it's better than on TV? Crazy. And yes! I do get up at 6AM. Having a friend counting on me makes all the difference in the world. If I didn't have that motivation, it would be hard to do, you know? Good luck on your move!!

Anne, welcome! Glad to have you visit. Actually, the Dublin I'm referring to is in California...

Oh, no, no! I can feel your envy. You're just wishing you were me...oh, yes, you do! ;)

summershine said...

Ah Blake. How I love Blake.

Cheryl said...

I have to tell you, the crowd would not stop screaming for Blake! He got way more applause and excitement than Jordin did --and I can't really blame the crowd. He was awesome. I was just so sad that some of the other performers didn't illicit more noise --especially when Lakisha and Malinda belted out some Motown duets...