Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Snowing


Other bad stuff:
*Piano students who won't practice
*Still not knowing how to get #2 to Theater Class every week
*Massive piles of laundry
*A messy house
*I forgot to call my VT-ee and set up an appt.
*Cold weather (snowing, remember?)
*Finance worries
*A 4 year old who has refused all week to practice his nursery rhyme he has to perform at pre-school today --so, I'm doubtful he'll do it. Sigh.

Good Stuff:
*Lots of time to get the house cleaned/laundry done
*The Ensign came in the mail (it always makes my day!)
*Brandon has a great job
*Our house is holding together and we haven't had leaks in the roof all winter!
*Piano lessons will only last until May 3rd (that will be our recital) and then I'm not teaching again until September!
*#1 will be 8 years old soon, and we're having a good time planning the birthday party and Baptism
*We have food
*We have the Gospel
*I have a beautiful family!

And you?


Amanda D said...

The bad: my house is a mess and our guests arrive in six hours.
- my sister is having marriage troubles
- financial worries

The good: my guests arrive in six hours.
-Tulip fest tomorrow
-Baptism for Oldest Saturday
-The gospel

JustRandi said...

Let's see
The Bad:
still trying to get out of my funk
kids who don't do their chores
I grocery shopped this morning before the snow hits.

The Good:
The Brain has a great job!
Snow day today!
spring break started tomorrow anyway...

Kelly said...

How about piano students, who, even though their lesson has been at 11 a.m for a whole year, decide March 26 is a good day to go brain dead and think the lesson is at 11:30 so by the time they get to the studio, you have gone home.

Uh, I'm the student. I'm so embarrassed!

Julie said...

Lack of motivation.
Trying to break Lily of the thumb.

Clothes to wear.
A smiling baby.
Cute kids.
Stanton's awesome job that he loves.
The will to accomplish things even without motivation -- just at slower pace than with motivation.
Cheryl's blog

Cardalls said...

The bad:
have a get together at my house tonight...NOT READY!

Not feeling well physically the last few days

The good:
A get together at my house tonight! Friends to visit with!

My husband has a job that he loves

My husband is a great support and strength to me and never complains when I don't feel well.

Kim said...

WOW Cheryl, you and I must be on the same wave length (look at my blog)

Hubby with out a job
No money
the weather
no motivation to do good mother things when I get home from work!

Great kids
Great sisters
Great self-employed (aka unemployed) Hubby
A fabulous father that I can count on for anything, even when it is hard to ask sometimes, he never fails!
Cheryl to be me unpaid therapist!

Cheryl said...

Kelly! No worries --I've had kids flake/forget before (and then immediately apologize). It's just the not practicing I can't stand --I mean, what's the point? And btw, I'm so happy you're taking piano lessons! That is awesome!

Kim and Julie-
Stop making me feel good! ;)

Alison Wonderland said...

The Bad:
Messy house.
Very tired.
Complete lack of motivation.

The Good:
Still kicking

Annette Lyon said...

The bad:
Nasty headache all freaking day.
No time to do things I want and need to.

The Good:
Lunch with one of my best friends EVER (SO needed to see and talk to her!).

Sara said...

You just reminded me that our Ensign subscription ran out. need to renew that!

p.s. did you see my giveaway on my blog? :)