Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AI Top 10: Motown!

Ooh, Smokey Robinson! He's such a classy guy --he wrote over 4,000 songs?! Holy cow. Holy. Cow. He is so nice, too. Love that man!

Matt Giraud: I liked him better behind the piano, to tell the truth. His "ooh's" aren't very good --but overall, it was okay. Meh. Not that impressed --I know a lot of people think Matt is amazing and spectacular, but I'm still not seeing it, I guess. And Randy is full of crap --Matt's falsetto is NOT strong. It's not at all --in fact, his falsetto at parts was very weak. I don't hate Matt, but I'm just thinking he's not the best, that's all...

Kris Allen: Not bad, not bad. It's kind of boring, though --not much variation in pitch. I'm wondering if he would have done better in a higher key? The ending was pretty awesome, though! Great note! Very good ending. Love ya, Kris!
HA! Simon makes me laugh --and you know? To admit he's conceited? I loved that!

Scott MacIntyre: Man, that boy can play the piano. But his singing hasn't improved much --it's basically the same as it's been in the weeks before. He's still a great musician, though. I think that's why I still like him --his sincerity, etc. Now, he's not going to win (and he shouldn't), but it was still okay tonight. Not bad. Not bad.

Megan Joy: Before she even starts singing, I have to once again tell you how much I love her voice. But what the crap is up with her outfit?! Is she barefoot? Anyway, not bad, Megan! It was kind of fun and she got all big there and what-not, but it wasn't as good as last week. Too, bad! I'm still a fan, though. She's gorgeous, too (girl-crush, anyone?). It wasn't as bad as they're saying, though. They're kind of crushing her. Not fair, judges! Oh, well...

Anoop Desai: It's too high --I'm not sure if I like it, yet...I mean, he's doing okay --he's in tune, so that's good, and his falsetto is in tune, too, but it's weak --like Matt. Not that falsetto is easily belted, yo! But I wasn't as impressed. I still love Anoop, though!

Motown week isn't as good as Country week, people. Why? Harder songs? Difficult genre? Harder to make their own? Not sure...

Michael Sarver: He started way too strong...there's nowhere to go, now. I know Smokey told him to belt it and push it harder --but I don't think he meant shout the whole song, you know? Hmmm...It's so boring. And the same dynamic and not interesting. And meh...but then again, I could just be bitter that he didn't go home last week and Alexis did. I know he's sick, but still? Meh, meh, meh...

Lil Rounds: I hate her hair, people. They didn't do it right, I'm thinking, but what do I know? She shouting the song, too --it's too loud. But hey, it's better than last week! But last week wasn't very good, so whatever. Seriously, stop shouting, Lil! You can sing, we know you can sing --stop trying to force it down our throats! YES! It's just like Randy and Kara said --she was screaming too much. Paula's an idiot.

Am I just in a bad mood tonight? Why can't I get on board with these songs? Everything's so...blah and meh and whatever. But then again --it looks like the judges are agreeing with me, so maybe I'm not insane?

Adam Lambert: Whoah! Where did Adam go?! Who is this Elvis-looking man?! Holy cow. Anyway, his singing? Now I just realized why everyone is doing falsetto tonight --DUH! It's Smokey Robinson. WHO SANG FALSETTO. Good job catching on so quick, Cheryl. *snort! Well, Adam, you have proven, once again, why you are in this. You have a FABULOUS voice and you can sing anything. I loved it!! Awesome. But his serious look is still trippin' me out a bit. But I'd be lyin' if I didn't say I liked it! He is so sexy, people. And once again, how did I become such an Adam fan?!

Danny Gokey: Too many random breathing moments --his staccato breaths bother me, not sure why. Ha! When he'd dance with the back-up singers, it was funny (but in a good way, not a cheesy way. Or maybe a good/funny/cheesy way). It was okay! Not too bad --it wasn't as good as previous weeks before, but it was okay. He's so fun, though...

Allison Iraheta: Now, she didn't do very well last week, but I think she made up for it this week --that was awesome! Her lyrics needed better annunciation, but I'm wondering if it's because of her lower braces. Huh. But wow! Fabulous ending, too! Man, I love this girl. That was awesome, awesome, awesome!! Way to go, Allison --I hope she stays for a loooong time!

HA! That moustache on Paula was actually pretty funny. Juvenile? Yes! But funny...

Who should go home:
Everyone. Except Allison and Adam.

Who will go home:
Michael. Please?!


Janelle said...

Oooo. I like Elvis Adam.

Danny Gokey, I loved him dancing with the back up singers. So fun.

Li'l is losing favor with me.

I like Mike G.

Smokey Robinson is still smokin'!

Cardalls said...

I agree that Michael needs to go, but I'd be okay if Scott or Matt went too.

Loved Adam and Allison!

Two and Two = Family said...

Don't hate me when I say this....I like Adam's voice, but his look last night??? Don't ever do that again was awful and freaked me out..
I too didn't like Lil's hair...and Megan did have shoes on, but like you I wondered. I stared at her feet for half the song to figure it out...she is hot but she won't win....
Micheal was terrible and Scott needs to do something quick or he'll be gone....

Have a great day....

Susan M said...

I loved Kris Allen, but then I love that song. I'm downloading his song and Adam's today.

I hope Michael goes home.

I thought Megan was awful, and I love her. Bad song choice. Same with Lil. And Scott! Ugh that was terrible!

Julie said...

For me there was no one but Adam last night.

Danny's performance was absolutely painful for me to watch. Same for Megan, Lil, Scott, & Michael.

Kris & Matt were good but after Adam...well, no one compared. But I'll probably buy all three of their performances this week.

Smokey ---- seriously smokin'. He has still got IT. And 4000 songs???? Unreal.

Julie said...

And Anoop was forgettable but good. Hence my forgetting to and then remembering to include him.

Also, Allison was good.

Julie said...

I just rewatched Matt, Kris, and Adam.
I don't agree with you, Matt was awesome standing up away from the piano. He was, dare I say? Sexy!!!! Hot. I found myself doing a little grind while unloading the dishwasher listening to him. Whew -- that guy is hot. And so so good.

Lizzie said...

Matt - that was SO freakin' hot! I'm a huge fan of that song, I know, but what can I say, I love singing it. I thought he made it a very classy sexy song. I was over the moon about that performance.
Kris - Even MORE over the moon about this one. Baby Seth and I were dancing all over the livingroom to it. It was awesome. "Hit rewind on the DVR and replayed it three times in a row" awesome.
Scott - Ugh. Painful to watch. Cheesy beyond reason, and the vocals sucked. Smokey said it was contempory and relevant? Really? Smokey, my friend, have you turned on a radio lately? Or are you just patronizing the guy because he's blind? Come on.
Megan - Ok, so my problem with her lately is that I LOVE her in her video packages, both her singing and her personal style. Then she gets on stage and it's like she's someone else. She looks BEAUTIFUL, but just not like her, and she seems to be trying to put on a different persona and singing style onstage that's goes along with the outfits and hair that are just not her. Offstage, she seems old-school-laidback-cool, and she needs to bring that onstage. Stop trying to be Caboret Barbie.
Anoop - I love Anoop Dog, but I disagreed with the judges on him last night. Boring. I wanted to fast forward SO bad, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stuck it out. So not worth it. I know it's a mellow song, but it needs some intensity.
Michael - Stupid roughneck hillbilly shouldn't even be around. I have less class than Cheryl, I'm openly admitting that I'm bitter. And proud! I couldn't even listen to more than 10 seconds of this joker.
Lil Rounds - She has a great voice, but her problem right now is that I already know what her performance is going to sound like before she sings it. After a minute we fast forwarded through her as well, to the judges comments, and they said everything I would have thought they would say. She needs to get original, because she has the vocals to back it up.
Adam - Ok, so the new look TOTALLY creeped me out while he was performing. With the super-gelled hair and the way the light was hitting his face, he looked like a demonic Ken doll. It was so distracting for me, I had to actually close my eyes so I could listen to the rest of his performance. When he was standing for judging, the lighting on his face was better and he actually looked really good, but it was just creepy while he was sitting. I loved the performance, SUPER cool, but I actually think it would have been cooler if he'd kept his hard emo look while singing such a soft, sexy, falsetto song. The juxtaposition would have done it for me. Oh well, still good. You know, when I closed my eyes.
Danny - I think my Danny-Love has officially left the building. I still love the rough smokey edge he gets, but his song choices are so freakin' cheesy, I don't think I'd like him as a recording artist. And I hate to be superficial, but the guy needs to hit the treadmill or cut back on the junk food around the AI set because he's noticably gaining weight. And the dancing! When he did that I literally froze before exclaiming "What the explitive was that?!" Any coolness the guy had vanished in an instant. Seriously, why would you do that? That's like something your embarrassing Uncle Joey, the drunk, would do at your wedding reception while you shrink in the corner and pretend he's a wedding crasher or something. Sigh... I used to have such mad love for this guy. Where did we go wrong, Danny?
Allison - That. Was. Hot. How the freak is this girl only 16? It seriously doesn't feel like she's on AI, it's like she's jsut a star and she's doing her concert. Tingles, people, I got tingles.

Who should go home? The same guy that should have gone home the week before, and the week before that, and shouldn't have bumped Anoop out in the first place...

Julie said...

Lizzie! Loved your recap. My Danny love is all gone, too. He's become boring, predictable, and uncomfortable to me.

But I have to disagree on the Adam stuff. I loved the surprise of a clean cut (yet still totally edgy -- glad he kept the gauge earrings in) Adam. Besides the fact that I have a total crush on the guy.

And Matt & Kris -- Amen! W

Why are we not friends??!! :)

tamrobot said...

My Personal Rating of performances last night in order from best to worst:


I have a hard time being objective about Megan and Matt because I really do not like Matt for some reason - his voice bugs. I might rate him too low. I also really like Megan. so I probably rate her too high I agree with Lizzie, I watch the video package and her take on the song is awesome, but then it sounds so forced and loud and uncontrolled on stage. It's too bad. I thought Lil was really bad. Michael and Scott just need to go, although Scott is pretty hilarious.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Julie! BLAH! Matt is not sexy. Ugh. He's so...yesterday and so...just blah. He's not horrible, but not as amazing as everyone says he is. I mean, the man was FLAT last night. FLAT!
But that's fine. You take Matt. I'll take Adam. *snort :)

Julie said...

Sorry, I've dibs on all 3: Matt, Kris, & Adam. You can have Anoop. And Danny if you want him. {wink}

Michael? Well, I think we're agreed on that one.