Thursday, March 26, 2009

AI Top Ten Results

My thoughts:

  • So, I read last week how they admitted they pre-record the contestants singing their group songs. Brandon's remarks tonight: "Why are they even doing it, then? It's so obvious and they don't even look good." Amen, Brandon. Amen. Waste of time, guys, because the cheese factor is annoying.
  • I'm sorry Anoop. But I've left you for Adam. Please don't cry! I still think you're attractive and a good singer! I promise.
  • Whoah! They drove into the picture! As if nobody has ever thought of that, before... (please forgive my sarcastic attitude tonight, dear reader. I'm fighting a head cold!)
  • Ruben Studdard! Where's he been? Awww...he's still the teddy bear! He sounds just like he used to sound, too. I guess that's good, right? Brandon commented on how much he's sweating, and I have to admit, he's sweatin' it pretty good! Boy, I love his smile (Reuben, btw). Awww, he got married? Cool!
  • Matt is in the bottom three?!?!? Hey, I know Matt's not my favorite, but he shouldn't be in the bottom three yet!
  • Michael in the bottom three makes sense.
  • Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson, eh? They sound out of tune when they're singing together, but only on the chorus. When they sing the verses together (the harmony), it's okay, and their solo parts were good, too. Huh.
  • Scott in the bottom three! That actually also makes sense.
  • Scott over Matt!?!? What the?! That just isn't right, people (and maybe if I actually voted I could complain! *snort)
  • Stevie Wonder! Man, I love him. I used to sing "I Just Called to Say I Love You" with my friend Anna in 3rd grade ALL THE TIME. It drove our teacher crazy! But we loved it. Man, Stevie sounds fabulous. That's how it's done, people! That is how it is done! And now I can see why when contestants try to sing Stevie they always fall short...because he sounds exactly the same as he did 30 years ago! Wow. He is so talented!
  • Michael is done! Good! He needed to go home...he's not awful. Nor is he without talent --he just isn't as good as most of the others. And holy cow, if the judges had used their save on him?? *shudder

What did you think?


Julie said...

Glad you've come over to the dark side. It's pretty awesome here.

Smokey & Joss singing was really weird, like a grandpa singing a love song with his granddaughter. Weird. But he has still got it. His eyes are amazing.

Ruben=cute as ever.

Stevie was great.

Hated the pre-recorded mess at the beginning. It was terribly obvious and painful to watch.

Matt? Bottom 3? Horrible. You'll come around soon, I can just feel it. He is awesome.

So glad Michael went home -- I said it on my blog, but I'll say it again here -- it's nice to be able to go back to liking him again. He needed to go home for me to feel that way. You could tell he was thrilled to be going home.
He'll have a country single out in the next 6 months -- I'd bet $5 on it.

Glad for tonight's results.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Thanks for the results post...we missed out on recording the show last night. When Hubby asked about it, I said, "Don't worry, we can just read the recap on Cheryl's blog." :)

Annette Lyon said...

I agree completely. Matt in the bottom 3 was insanity. Megan should have been there.

Cardalls said...

What is the deal with the duets with the young pretty girl and the old shriveled man? Carrie Underwood/Randy Travis and Joss Stone/Smokey? I thought both of them were a bit creepy singing love songs together.

I agree that Michael should have been the one. I think Scott is next. And Ruben's sweat was gross, it doesn't help that he has no hair to catch it, but somebody please get him a towel!

Susan M said...

Glad Michael went home. He seemed perfectly happy about it, too. Nice guy.

The group sings are easily the worst thing about AI, lip-synced or not.

Tamra said...

i met smokey on a plan once. i think it might have been southwest. He is super nice, and his eyes are even more amazing in person.