Friday, March 27, 2009


I am sick.
Darn those kids! And, of course, the children weren't phased a bit by their illnesses this week. It was barely on my radar that they had colds because they were still at optimal function level. The tricksters! I, on the other hand, get their simple little cold and WHAM! I don't wanna move my body for three days.


But I must. And luckily this time it's not the flu thing (remember last month?!) --it should be over by tomorrow morning, easy. Truth be told, too, it's not all bad (besides the constant sneezing that has resulted in constant peeing), because I actually have nothing but household stuff planned for the next two days! That means resting up and taking care of myself won't ruin major plans (ooh --except for the library outing today...hmmm...books are due...).

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything awesome?


TaLaisa said...

I'm sorry you're sick. Why do colds hit Moms like a ton of bricks?

I have something fun planned for the weekend. My aunt and 2 cousins are coming over tonight to make jewelry.

Tomorrow, we're going to Thanksgiving Point. The boys are going to do something fun and I'm participating as a judge for a high school level/creative competition. I'm one of the judges for the Culinary portion. I'm excited about that!

Cardalls said...

I have a very sore throat...ugh! We are going to a "touch a truck" event where the kids can climb on vehicles from a backhoe to a monster truck, honk the horns, turn on sirens boys will be in heaven! I then will be attending the YW broadcast for my calling (my niece is giving the opening prayer!)

Two and Two = Family said...

sorry to hear that you aren't well.. being pregnant and sick is not a fun thing...i too am not well and went to the dr. he gave me antibiotics and pain meds, so hopefully by sunday i'll be better to go to church.
we have soccer games and gio has to work 1/2 a like you i will take care of myself and let the house work wait for a few days.
take care, and if you need something, let me know...

oh you need for someone to take your daughter to her theatre class...i would be happy to help out and assist if i can.

Feel better soon....

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Hope you're feeling better super soon.

We're going to see that Jazz play tonight. Go Jazz!

Alison Wonderland said...

Nope, nothing awesome. Well, maybe something, I'm just waiting for a return email from someone to findout if I'm doing something Sunday... ;)

Amber said...


After surviving an entire month of illness, I really really feel for you. And I wasn't even pregnant Feel better...quickly!

Laughing over your "Special Concert" on your sidebar. Nice to see all those performers are still around from my Utah days!