Monday, December 08, 2008

To Do List

*Find a dentist for the kids
*Find a dentist for me
*Find a family doctor for me (I'm runnin' out of asthma meds!)
*Find a therapist for me
*Finish project for #2's teacher (another one)
*Find a babysitter for Wednesday afternoon during Elementary School Choir's field trip: a performance at BYU
*Finish buying Christmas presents
*Finish Family Newsletter
*Email Family Newsletter (we're going cheap...I mean...inexpensive this year)
*Make Christmas cookies for Primary teachers
*Bake Banana bread for Visiting Teach-ees
*Go visiting teaching
*Mail Bythelbs her birthday gift
*First get bythelbs her birthday gift
*Practice musical numbers for Enrichment
*Go to Enrichment
*Get Christmas gifts for my piano students...?? (they don't expect one, do they?)
*Buy push-pins (unless Brandon remembers to bring them back from his office!)
*Go to the MoTab Concert
*Find babysitter for the MoTab Concert
*Clean the house. For real this time.
*Watch A Christmas Story and White Christmas and Elf and It's a Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman and repeat.
*Hope the snow comes but doesn't come.
*Try not to curl up into the fetal position and demand that Christmas comes in January this year.


Annette Lyon said...

Yar. I'm tired just reading all that . . .

I've got a fantastic dentist in Orem who's great with adults AND kids. He's on the pricier side, but you can't get me to go anywhere else--not after suffering through Mr. Evil Torture Dentist Man before him. If you want his name, let me know!

Cardalls said...

Wow your list makes me tired just reading it...unfortunately mine looks as long and busy!

(i love that the word verification word is "bumbo" today).

Michelle said...

Why can't Christmas come in January? We really NEED it then. xoox, m

Maybe we can get together over Christmas break?

Anonymous said...

"Clean the house. For real this time." Heh. Heh.

Skip the gift. Just call and sing me happy birthday over the phone.

Anne Marie said...

You are one busy mama!!! I just wanted to write a response to your question about finding a therapist. I do not know personally of a therapist in your area to use, but I do have some experience in coping with depression and anxiety. I have spent many months of my life in emotional darkness. Here are some things that have helped:
1. A good therapist (I've used one at two different points in my life, and it was a great way to get someone else's perspective on the way I was feeling.)
2. Two books that I highly recommend (many libraries have copies of them): Feeling Good by David Burns (this book has soooo much information on understanding the unhealthy ways we can percieve ourselves that lead to feelings of depression and self-doubt...that was a mouthful) and Mind Over Mood (a workbook which guides you through different writing exercises to understand why you feel the way you do). I felt like reading and utilizing these two books is worth many, many therapy sessions.
3. Exercise....I've done tons of research, and regular, moderately intensive exercise is as effective as Zoloft/Prozac in combating depression. I aim to exercise hard for 30-45 minutes 5 times a week, and it makes such a difference in the way I feel.
4. Looking at the possibility of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) making things worse. Although I've lived in Texas for the past few years, I know that in other places where it actually gets cold in the winter, the lack of light makes me depressed. Getting outside and soaking up some sunlight or getting a "lightbox" can make a huge difference.
4. And, one last book I really recommend....When Your Body Gets the Blues.
Good luck with everything!!! Being a SAHM is definitely the hardest, most isolating, most demanding, most fatiguing, most stressful, and most rewarding:) job on the planet. I love your blog...your honesty and your kindness. You will find sunshine in your life soon!

Cheryl said...

Done! As you know already. But anyway, I'm excited to have a dentist! Yay!

I'm tired looking at it, too. :)


I knew you'd like that part. And unfortunately, I may have to sing first, send gift later. But the gift will come! Eventually. Hopefully. Maybe...

Anne Marie-
Thank you for your info! I appreciate it.

Julie said...

Wow! That's one amazing list. Thus is the season, huh?

Alison Wonderland said...

I promised myself I was not going to overdo it for Christmas this year. But I forgot to tell my mom. She has a list that long for me for the week of Christmas and I'll still be working. I should probably try to save up my strength but that kitchen floor isn't going to pry itself up.
Anyway, You have my sympathy.

Michelle Walker said...

Family Legacy Dental in Orem is fantastic! They filled my little boy's cavities last week and he didn't feel A THING. I'll let you know how my 7 cavities getting filled goes! You ARE busy. Do you know if you're going to the LDS Storymakers conference? Did you go last year?

Anonymous said...

Good gracious, I always knew you were a kindred spirit. Hang in there, sweetie. It will get better in January, won't it? :-)