Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need More

I know Thursday is almost over, but I need to wish my fabulous husband a Happy Birthday! He is 32 years old today, can you believe it? This could mark another Year of Tens, you know --ten years ago, I threw a surprise party (sort of) for Brandon's 22nd birthday. Man, how the time flies!
I love you, Brandon; Happy Birthday!
The last few days have pushed me to my mental limits. If all I had to worry about were children's schedules, then I would be fine. But instead I worry about service projects, book clubs, piano students, novels, pictures, emails, blogs, housework, finances, books, house/car maintenance, missionary packages, cat fights (literal), muddy shoes, weight gain, the happiness of friends/family, spiritual progression, exercise, choirs, performances, etc.
I need to simplify! Weird part? I thought I had.
I wrote this today:

End of Autumn

I glanced out the window at the falling snow but
Realized the fat snowflakes were
Left over from cruel Autumn.
They were falling,
Falling, falling –
The last ones to come.
Snow would have been more welcome with cold
Clean flakes, swirling gracefully with lace and crystal.
The leaves are
Dead and
And crunchy underfoot, which reminds me of hardened
Mud with cracks from famine and heat.
Once alive with emerald veins, they morph from
Ruby and Fire to
Although preferring California bays, I hope for
Fresh white to cover,
To soak,
To renew,
To bring closure;
For the beauty has passed and I need

by Cheryl S. S.
Copyright November 20, 2008


FluffyChicky said...

I like the poem.

And happy birthday Brandon!

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!
And your poem definitely reflects my feelings today.

Cardalls said...

Happy Birthday to your husband...

Great poem and your list made me tired especially when I realized I have that long of a list as well...maybe we can rest when we're dead!

Cristy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!

Cheryl, Don't worry, Be Happy!

Weatherspoon Family of 6 said...

Great poem. It always makes me remember the fall up in Idaho while I was going to college that first year. The huge leaves all beautiful colors. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem.

Have an equally lovely birthday celebration!

shelly275 said...

I love this poem! As much as I hate to drive in it, I'm looking forward to seeing the snow in pile up in my front yard! I'm ready for a change of scenery!