Thursday, October 23, 2008

More posts about Protecting Marriage:
Lisa (great analogy!)
Desi (made a tough decision)
Leslie (lives in Arizona where they are voting on a similar Proposition as Prop 8)

An amazing article about one woman's experience campaigning for Prop 8 in California, plus a good reminder to all of us to approach this with love and not anger.

And I just wanted to repeat a part of a comment I left on Desi's blog (because I probably sound all angry and what-not, when in reality, I'm not. I'm just concerned). Here's part of what I said:

I understand that gay marriage would make my gay friends and family really happy. They would be able to spend their life with a partner and feel validated. I think that's the biggest word right there --validation. They want their relationship to be recognized by everyone. But see --if they get what they want (marriage), then what will happen when religious institutions REFUSE to validate those marriages? Refuse to recognize them, even if the Law says they have to? Something will have to give, you know. And if the law says SSM is legal, than Religion is going to get the shaft, which really stinks because Freedom of Religion was the entire reason people came to this land.

*UPDATE: I just received this link from a friend. Please note that Mitt Romney, although he opposes SSM, had his hands tied once SSM was legal in MA; he had no choice but to uphold it.


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Rachel said...

Thanks, for posting that! It was totally eye opening about everything that happened in Massachusetts! I am for Prop 8 and always have been. I wish I could vote for it, but alas, I live in Utah.

Jill said...

Cheryl, I am amazed with all your hard work on this. Way to go! I also have been humming "Come Thou Fount" for two days now, thanks for that, what a great song, I wish I could hear you sing it. I was also thinking on Tuesday that I miss your Biggest Loser posts...what do you think of this season? Vicki is not my favorite.

Cheryl said...

Rachel and heather-
Thank you!

I'm obsessed with it, so gathering information has actually been kind of fun for me.

Oh, and yes! I don't like that Vicki, and neither do I like Heba. They are just awful!!
Maybe I'll start doing BL recaps again, just for you. :) And Amanda...I know Amanda likes BL, too...

Cheryl said...

P.S. Oh, and Rachel? I'm in Utah, too. But that's one of the reasons I've been shelling out the info as much as I can because I feel like it's all I can do. If only I had held on to my CA Driver's License just a little bit longer...!