Friday, October 24, 2008

Ghosts, Books, and Bad Days

Okay...let's's Friday. What to write about...hmmm...doopity doo, hum, diddity dum.

So, last night we got "Boo-ed." You know, where the neighborhood gets flooded with anonymous treats left on doorsteps with the instructions to "pass it on" and you know who to avoid because they put the Ghost flyer on their door that screams (sometimes literally! Okay, just kidding. Not literally.) "We already got treats! Leave us alone!" It's always nice to get anonymous treats. Always. Unless the treats were left by sadists who poisoned the larger-than-life chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. But I highly doubt it. Because I fed the larger-than-life chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to the children (and myself) for breakfast this morning.
Yes. Yes, I did.
And we didn't die! Neither from poisoning or sugar-overload.
Last night was book club and we discussed A Train to Potevka by Mike Ramsdell. (Remember how I met him?) It was a lovely discussion and our next book is going to be Master by Toni Sorenson, which is strange because we rarely read churchy books. Rare, rare, rare. Not that it's bad! It's just rare. Interestingly enough, it reminded me of this post, and makes me want to ask of you: Do you have a book club? Do you like it? If I was to start a quarterly (or monthly? or bi-monthly?) book club, would you join? This is assuming you live within a 2 hour drive of my home (Provo), of course, are willing to host a discussion in your own home every once in a while, enjoy good literature, and aren't afraid of questionable scenes or difficult topics (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, read that link I just left you. I agree with the author of the post!). That doesn't mean we'll read trash. We'll just read good stuff from all varieties of authors. Whaddya say? Oh! And the only other requirement is that you'll actually read the book. And you'll have to allow me to still be a part of my other book club, just like I'll allow you to join as many book clubs as you want.
Because who can get enough of books? Not me!
Remember how I was all happy and what-not on Wednesday? Yeah? Well, dear reader, life went all down-hill yesterday. Holy Cow.
Holy, Brown Cow.
It happens a lot, you know. Me being all happy and excited for life and then professing my happiness and excitement only to have the rug pulled out from under me as if Satan's all "Wait, what!? She's happy!? Let's tempt the snot out of her!" or maybe it's the Lord gently reminding me that I need Him.
I'll take the Lord part. I don't like that Satan guy.
It wasn't as if my life fell apart, per se, it was more just a lousy day. A bad day! And we all have bad days, right? I mean, I think about what I accomplished yesterday (dishes, some laundry, 4 piano lessons, a shower, carpool, sweeping, dinner) and I realize that it couldn't possibly have been that bad or else I would have stayed in my stinky pajamas all day and picked my nose.
Kidding about the nose part.
And although every once in a while staying in stinky pajamas all day and picking my nose (kidding!) isn't a bad thing, I try to avoid it at all costs now. Because it feeds my depression like pride feeds contention. Which, ironically, is actually connected to pride and contention; my depression is all about pride and contention within myself.
So, I had a bad day. Ah, well. It's just a bad day, yo.
Ups and Downs --ah, the consistency of ups and downs.

Have a great weekend, dear reader! I sure love ya'...


cheryl & rick said...

Did you like "Train to Potevka"? I thought it was one of the hardest books to get through. It was draining. I'm curious what you guys discussed during book club. I hope you have a lovely day. I love reading your posts.

Julie said...

I went and read the Segullah article about book club. It was interesting. I'm always nervous to read new books because I'm afraid they're going to be rated R (do you know what I mean by that?) I figure if I wouldn't watch it in a movie theater, then I shouldn't read it, either. Her perspective gave me a new insight, though, and I appreciated that. I haven't ever been in a book club because, to be honest, I don't read a whole lot. It's not that I don't LIKE reading. I LOVE reading. But at this stage of my life (excuses, I know), if I'm going to read a book, it has to be quick, captivating, and easy to pick up and put down. Heavy literature doesn't often seem to fit that bill.
In my heart I'd love to say "YES!" I'd do a book club with you! But my head reminds me that there's no way that would ever really happen. Bummer, Yo.

I'm sorry your day was less than great yesterday. They happen and you just keep swimming through them. Yes, Dory really is my mentor through the rough days. Love that fish.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I would join your book club. Are you willing to fly out my way quarterly so I can host? Can we do an online book club? You could start a book club blog/forumy thingy-ma-do. Are there book clubs that make you sign an exclusivity contract? Is exclusivity a word?

Sorry yesterday was crud. Today will be better.

Jill said...

Can I join your book club by phone? I would love to be a part. We had one in my old branch, but there's not one here. I'd like to start one, I think our first book will 3 Cups of Tea. I wanted to suggest The Shadow of the Wind, but there's one part that's at least PG-13 and the girls were a little more conservative (is the wrong word, but the right idea), but it's a great book and would make for excellent discussion.
Yay for cupcakes for breakfast. I have never been brave enough to let my kids eat cupcakes for breakfast, but now that you tell me it's ok, I'm in!
Sorry yesterday was not great, I hope this weekend is better.

cornnut32 said...

yesterday was a crappy day all around, i think. and i totally get what you mean about having a good day and then getting slammed.

but today is a new day, and things are looking up. :)

Cheryl said...

Actually, I found the book to be a quick read; it's definitely not a literary masterpiece, but it was enjoyable for me. Mostly I was fascinated with all the history of the Cold War. I love me some history!

Oh, no! I would never tout Rated R literature as good. No worries, there. And when I say "read the book" I'm thinking it would be nice to have a club where people actually read it. We'd all take turns, of course, choosing books, too. So, you know. There'd be choices? But I know what you mean.

No exlusivity contract here, although I don't know. Maybe there's some book club purists out there or something?
I would fly to your house for book club. I would if I could, you know. You know!
Maybe I will do an online book club. But they're just not as fun.

Well, golly! Maybe I should start an online book club. Are all my readers from out of state?! ;)

Oh, and you guys are sweet. Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Yes! It is a new day! I'm sorry you had a rotten day, too, :(

Cardalls said...

how about an online book club? i would love to join your book club, but my 6 hour drive prevents me from doing so! you would be a fun person to discuss literature with. i am sort of in a book club, although i haven't been for months and haven't read those books (they haven't interested me in the least). Bad days happen...good for you for not staying in the pj's and picking the are amazing and will overcome!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

How I wish I was reading books that weren't required for my classes...I'm still trying to squeeze in time to read Eclipse (yeah, still on #3), not to mention the Jane Austen collection I'm dying to start....Oh, sweet winter break, you cannot come soon enough!

JustRandi said...

Yeah, that pajama thing gets me too.
I hope things get better very soon!

Amanda D said...

My neighborhood stinks. No booing happening here. Maybe next year, I'll start it. Maybe I'll start a gobbling thing for THanksgiving. :) Think my neighbors would mind being gobbled? he he.

Interesting post over sat Segullah. We do a book group in our ward. We meet every other month and it seems to work well. I wish I lived close enough that I could join your book group. I'll fly in with bythelbs. I would join if you did an online club, but you're right -- it's just not the same.

Sorry you had a bad day. Starting today with cupcakes should help. Nothing beats sugar for breakfast. You can send me any leftovers. Mmmm.

Richelle said...

I go to a book club here. I actually need to pick a book for next month. Any suggestions? Something not too long and a little more on the light-hearted side?

Hope you can be happy again!

Oh, and I tagged you, if you want to play!

Leslie said...

I would love to join a book club!!! Stink...I guess 12 hours away isn't going to work, eh?

Hang in there Cheryl. Some days I have bad hours and good hours. You're awesome!!!

Janelle said...

I'd love to host a virtual book club!

Alison Wonderland said...

So I guess it's just Charyl and i that are going to meet for book club. I would love to do it. I don't know how it would work with my schedule but, I'm willing to consider at the very least.

flip flop mama said...

We read a Train to Potevka last year for our book club. It definitely wasn't the most intelligent read but I enjoyed the story. It's funny because almost everyone else in my book club didn't really like it.

Amber said...

Yep, bad days are just a part of life. It's just getting to a place where you have more good than bad and then you're in a great place.

LOVE the new picdture of your family on the site!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

I just read the book A Thousand Splendid Suns and my life will never be the same. Read it.

Cheryl said...

Already did! It's a goodie...

Desi said...

Oh I wish I lived closer! I've been dying to find a good book club. One that encouraged me to read things I wouldn't normally pick up on my own.

If I become independently wealthy anytime soon I'll fly out for a monthly book club, but then I supposed I'd have to host it in a hotel room when it was my turn, which may not work too well. Oh well, I'll have to look for something closer to me.