Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Joy Whilst Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday was "get stuff done" day. Because I needed to get stuff done. And because the stuff was so completely and utterly not done, which made for the need to rectify the un-done-ness and get it all done.
So much to get done!
However, amidst all the "getting stuff done" and trying to "not go insane" and coming up with new ways to "use italics" in my sentences, I found something:

Joy! Complete, calm, unfettered, and un-italicized joy.

I blame Amber. Her post yesterday had me thinking about joy all day. As did all of your comments about waiting for what we wait for.
I also blame my female cycle. PMS depression is over for the month, and so finding joy is not a mind-numbing, heart-shredding, body-exhausting ordeal as it is during my down weeks.

Some of the joy I found:
*#4 has the cutest expressions found anywhere on a 19 month old. Anywhere!
* Making cookies with the kids using a tub of cookie dough (bought at Costco) is more fun than making them from scratch. For me, anyway.
*DVD players in mini-vans are a gift of God, especially when it takes an hour and 20 minutes to drive from Sugarhouse (SLC) to Provo because of an accident on the I-15.
*Waking up to a clean kitchen is by far one of the greatest joys to be found.
*Laughing and talking while snuggled under the covers makes up for however many dirty socks I find on the living room floor.

So, you see? I found some joy whilst-a-getting stuff done. And I got it done! Most of the stuff, anyway. There is still ample amounts of undone stuff, but somehow, it's not so overwhelming. Perhaps because today I will get more of it done, too. And I know every day I will need to get some of it done to prevent the next day from becoming overloaded with extra stuff. Interesting how a little work each day makes the next day a little bit easier.

So, dear reader, tell me --have you found joy today? This week? This month? How do you find joy when you are in the "getting stuff done" mode?


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but my own blog entry today was about the very same topic. Check it out and enjoy:


Hope to be back. :)

flip flop mama said...

Yay! It's so nice to have days like this because then it gives you such a lift and a drive to do more. Glad you had such a great day!!

Cardalls said...

I think finding joy is all about looking for it in small doses in the everyday moments. Rarely does it come in big doses. Life has been hard lately, but one reason for my blogging is to record "joy" moments and photos so I can remember them in spite of the difficult times.

Julie said...

Getting stuff done is one of the things that brings me joy.
Sweating is bringing me joy lately.
Yes, a clean kitchen in the morning is WAY better than anything on tv the night before.
Giving gifts brings me joy.
Reading the thoughts of friends brings me joy.
My family brings me joy.

Julie P said...

Amber's post yesterday inspired me to bring back a Joy Journal. I'm not seeing enough because I'm not looking for it enough.

Never A True Aggie said...

Lately, Liam has been winking at me. This has brought me all sorts of joy. I am not sure if it is helping me get things done, but we are having fun. I spent about 20 minutes playing Hot Wheels with him. He also got a Light Saber for his birthday. The other day he wanted to play a game where both of us pretended to find it and then I told him how to use it. Funny stuff. Sitll have a dirty house though. Oh, well. Hopefully he will remember that and not the dust bunnies or dried rice under the table.

sandra said...

That is so funny I almost wrote a post about this too. Yesterday was a getting stuff done day for me to and Yes, I really felt alot of joy yesterday. Maybe it was the nice weather or the fact that I actually got to get stuff done, or maybe there was just something special about yesterday. Whatever it was it was great and i would much rather feel this way than BLAH.

Alison Wonderland said...

I actually get a lot of joy out of doing the undone stuff it's the days I can't do the stuff that bug me.

Jeanette said...

I was going to tell you about the post at Diapers and Divinity but I see she already stopped by. (1st comment.)
I am glad #4 is 19 months because my baby has the cutest expressions of a 15 month old. Anywhere! :-)
I find joy in getting stuff done. Trust me. I will feel great joy when I finally get around to sweeping the floor and don't have crumbs crunching under my feet!
I like the idea of a joy journal that was mentioned above. keeping track of what brought me joy today. Could be very therapeutic.

TaLaisa said...

I find joy in Finishing and accomplishing.

Sweating my guts out is one big one lately. It helps that it's controlling the hormonal up and downs too.

I really struggle to find joy in trying and doing my best when I still don't get things done the way I'd like to.

bythelbs said...

I find joy in your joy.

And also in being reassured that my 8 year old will be just fine even though she's been walking around with a broken arm for over a week without us knowing it.

FluffyChicky said...

I find joy in making lists of things to do for the day and then checking things off the list one by one. Of course, most of the time my list consists of "1. Get out of bed before noon 2. Take a shower 3. Eat some chocolate" but it brings me joy to get it all done. :)

m_and_m said...

He said it was because I didn't have those things looming over my head, so I didn't feel constant weight, guilt, pressure, etc.

This may sound weird but I also think the Spirit validates this work, esp when we do it with a willing heart. Homemaking really is divine work, even as it can often feel like drudgery.

I really, really like the concept that we do this not to impress others or whatever, but for our own journey. My housekeeping is between me and God, and for me, it's a process. With chronic illness it's not always something I can keep on top of, but I do believe there is intrinsic value in it, for lots of reasons.